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    Post World Of Fire Report: 04-08-02

    *** America's Fire Paging Notification Network ***
    Local & National reports from pager notification networks around the U.S.

    (All times are in Central Daylight Time unless otherwise indicated)

    Monday, April 08, 2002

    · STLFN: MARYLAND HEIGHTS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Maryland Heights FPD *2nd alarm* residence fire @ 164 Lansing x Harding. House well involved. Utilities notified. [STL899]. 12:04a.m.

    · Incident Command - PHOENIX, AZ: Apparatus Involved MVA 35 Ave/Bethany Home E26 has been involved in a serious MVA while responding to a working house fire. Serious injuries to victims in a car, unknown on Firefighter injuries ATT. [ICP963]. 2:30a.m.

    · KANSAS CITY, MO: *3rd Alarm* fire @ 1400 block Walnut. Reported as a Commercial building – “going good.” M/A from Kansas City, KS & Johnson Co., KS on the 3rd Alarm. NFI-ATT. [KCFN-02]. 3:17a.m.

    · Final – KANSAS CITY, MO: *3rd Alarm* @ 14th Street & Walnut: 2-story Commercial building 1 block x ˝ block. Heavy fire thru the roof. (3) L/P’s & Turret used. Alarm time @ 02:31hrs. Under control time 04:45hrs. [KCFN-02]. 5:13a.m.

    · SHAKER HEIGHTS (CUYAHOGA Co.), OH: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 23200 South Woodland. Fire thru roof of a single-family dwelling. [FPO/D703] (c). 5:19a.m.

    · STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Cahokia FD is on scene of smoke coming from a house @ 1835 Harvest St. PD on scene advised smoke showing. Camp Jackson FD responding M/A. (STL 835). 8:55a.m.

    · STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Update on Cahokia FD’s smoke in a residence @ 1835 Harvest St. The house in now fully involved. Sauget FD responding M/A. (STL 835). 9:18a.m.

    · ANAHEIM, CA: Train vs. Semi with 1 DOA at Cerritos and St. Lewis. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1R]. 10:08a.m.

    · TOWNSEND, DE: 2199 Eagles Nest Landing Rd **2nd Alarm** house fire. Reported a Firefighter down. M/A to work and cover. [EAN23]. 1:38p.m.

    · WASHINGTON TWP. (MARION Co.), IN: 801 Lincolnwood. Apartment fire. Indianapolis Engine 16 also S/C for an extra Engine. [INDY-12]. 1:52p.m.

    · Update – WASHINGTON TWP. (MARION Co.), IN: Apartment fire @ 801 Lincolnwood. Indianapolis Engine 32 has responded. [INDY-12]. 1:55p.m.

    · CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 19th St. and Harrison Ave. 2-story vacant structure with heavy fire. 2 lines working. Fire is DWH. [EAN3307 3305]. 1:55p.m.

    · CAMDEN (CAMDEN Co.), NJ: Update **2nd Alarm** 19th and Harrison Ave. BATT-2 places fire under control. Returning 2nd Alarm Co.'s [EAN3307 3305]. 2:03p.m.

    · STLFN: (1100hrs) BELLEVILLE (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Belleville FD was on scene of a building fire on W. Lincoln St. NFI. (STL 835). 3:53p.m.

    · STLFN: BELLEVILLE (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Update - Belleville FD’s address was 704 W. Lincoln. Fire was in APT.A and was contained to that apartment. [STL 997/835]. 4:25p.m.

    · 2nd Alarm – LAWRENCE, MA: Box 5111 at 2 Wyman Street. Fire in a 3-story wood frame structure. Fire is on the 2nd floor. *154.445* C66 [TAC9-C302]. 7:40p.m.

    · 3rd Alarm – LAWRENCE, MA: Box 5111 2 Wyman Street. Fire in a 3-story wood frame structure. Fire is on the 2nd floor. Mutual Aid for Station coverage *154.445* C66 [TAC9-C302]. 7:41p.m.

    · 2nd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box-2415 at 347 Center St. Fire showing on arrival from a Commercial building. *483.1875* C519/C302 [TAC9-C66]. 8:52p.m.

    · 3rd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box-2415 at 347 Center St. Fire in a 3-story wood frame residential over commercial. Auto sales shop on floor-1. Heavy fire floors 1 &2. All Companies working. *483.1875* C519/C302 [TAC9-C66]. 9:10p.m.

    · MFN: BALTIMORE Co., MD: *2nd Alarm Marsh Fire* I-895 between Southwest Park and Baltimore Ave. Command reporting at least 40 acres off. Deck Guns in service. [MFN1]. 9:10p.m.

    · STLFN: BEL RIDGE (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Normandy FPD *1st Alarm* @ 8915 Higginson. House fire. Smoke showing on arrival. 1 line off. [STL810/899]. 10:02p.m.

    · STLFN: (20:30hrs) SWANSEA (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Swansea FD is on scene of a house fire on Old Caseyville Rd. Northwest and East Side FD's responded M/A. Fairview Heights FD moved up to Swansea Engine House. (STL 835 @ EAST SIDE FD). 10:21p.m.

    · CHARLES Co., MD. **2nd Alarm** 6021 New Forest Ct. (Waldorf). M/A Prince Georges Co. NFI [DC2]. 10:26p.m.

    · Update - 3rd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 2145 at 347 Center Street. OIC reports heavy fire on the 3rd floor and thru the roof of a 3-story wood frame structure. Request for an extra Ladder per C-1. *483.1875 CH-2* [TAC9-C302]. 10:45p.m.


    *** FirePage Ohio Report for April 8, 2002 ***

    FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in early 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

    For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

    If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

    This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

    - 0316
    Columbus: W/F 277 Avondale Ave. Cos: Eng 10, 2 (War Wagon), 17, Lad 10, Res2cuE, Med 10, BN 1. Eng 10 reports a fully involved garage. Eng 10 attacking with top red line. Eng 17 laying in. No RIC companies needed. FPO/D260 ©

    - 0320
    Columbus: W/F 277 Avondale Ave. This is the scene of previous fires. BN 1 (Bauman) requesting CPD & Prevention 15. FPO/D260 ©

    - 0326
    Columbus: W/F 277 Avondale Ave. BN 1 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D260 ©

    - 0351
    Columbus: W/F 935 Forest Creek Drive East. Fire thru windows on top floor of 3 sty apt bldg. Cos: Eng 193, 192, 12, Lad 10, 2, Res17cuE, Med 17, BN 5, 4. FPO/D260 ©

    - 0354
    Columbus: W/F 935 Forest Creek Drive East. (Eakin Rd Area). Fire was on balcony in front of the apartment. Quick K/D. Holding Eng 193, 12, Lad 12, Med 17, BN 5. RIC companies cencelled. FPO/D260 ©

    - 0617
    Shaker Heights (Cuyahoga): *2nd Alarm on Arrival* 23200 South Woodland. Fire thru roof of a SFD. Cos: Eng 215, 216, LAd 225, Squad 245, 246, Car 263 (Command). FPO/D703 ©

    - 0633
    Shaker Heights (Cuyahoga): *2nd Alarm on Arrival* 23200 South Woodland. 2nd Alarm Cos: University Heights Eng 1112, Beachwood Eng 1011, Cleveland Heights Lad 222, Car 253. House is fully involved. FPO/D703 ©

    - 1127
    Cincinnati: W/F Box # 1477 @ 3159 Bishop. Eng 34 reports fire showing from 1.5 sty brk house. Cos: Eng 34, 19, Trk 32, 19, Dist 3. Eng 32 - RIT. Res 38, Dist 2 OTW. FPO/D605 ©

    - 1308
    Cleveland: W/F 9203 Detroit. Smoke from vacant bldg. Cos: Eng 2, 4, 23, 33, Lad 4, 23, Tactical Res5cuE, Squad 2, 4, BN 3, AC 1. NFI ATT. FPO/D703 ©

    - 1410
    Euclid (Cuyahoga): MVA/PIN East 232 & Chardon. Eng 2, Res 2 on scene, requesting Lad 1 for the tool. FPO/D703 ©

    - 1907
    Madison Twp (Franklin): W/F 3253 Sundale Rd. Cos: Eng 182, 4 (Columbus), Lad 23, Res4cuE, Med 181, BN 6, 181. 2 sty SFD. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1910
    Madison Twp (Franklin): W/F 3253 Sundale Rd. RIC: Eng 23, Med 32. Eng 181 also on scene. FPO/D217 ©

    - 1915
    Madison Twp (Franklin): W/F 3253 Sundale Rd. BN 181 reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D217 ©

    - 2236
    Cleveland: W/F 454 East 118. Cos: Eng 22, 31, Lad 30, Squad 3, & BN 6. Eng 10 - Worker. Lad 31 - RIT. Tactical Res5cuE & AC 1 on the card. Bedroom fire in SFD. FPO/703/D217 ©

    - 2327
    Richmond Heights (Cuyahoga): W/F Box # 713 @ 440 Richmond Park Dr. 6 sty brk apt bldg. M/A Lyndhurst TL 421, Highland Heights Eng 811, South Euclid Eng 311, Mayfield Village RS 641, Hillcrest Air 577. FPO/D703 ©

    --- Pages Today: 15
    --- Pages YTD: 1332



    Hartford Citywide Radio Association Incident Log


    Stamford, CT /10-75/ 78 Pine Hill Ave unk type bldg NFI 05:12

    Ellington, CT /10-31/ Rt83 and Strawberry Rd a rollover (1) pinned add’l EMS and R-5 req 05:34

    Canaan, CT /2nd Alarm Equiv/ Prospect Rd occ dwelling NFI 09:43

    East Haven, CT /10-31/ Frontage Rd South “Home Goods” parking lot 4 cars 1 rolled over R-5 req 12:31

    Ware, MA /10-75/ 61 West St an OMD NFI 17:41

    Springfield, MA /10-75/ 91 Sunbriar Rd 1wdfr NFI 18:03

    Berlin, CT /10-75/ 525 Christian La “Pandolph Auto” 6 cars involved with extension to a storage bldg co’s having water and access problems 20:46

    Stamford, CT /10-75/ 19 Davenport St unk type bldg NFI 20:55

    New Britain, CT /10-75/ 58 Winthrop St 2.5wdfr fire on rear porches (1) 10-45 Code 3 (smoke inhalation) 23:11


    Mansfield, CT (Eagleville Section) /10-31 with fire/10-43 req/ Pleasant Valley near Woods Rd car vs pole (2) 10-45’s Code 2 (unconscious) outside the car R-5 and power company req 00:54

    Shelton, CT /10-75/ Rocky Rest Rd at Long Hill Rd a dwelling NFI 11:48

    Columbia, CT /10-31/ Rt66 and Mack Rd R-5 and EMS X5 req 13:49

    Hartford, CT /10-30/ 13 Putnam Heights 3brk NFI 14:04

    South Windsor, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ I-291 EB between Exits 4 and 5 (4) 10-45’s unk codes 15:46

    Suffield, CT /10-30/ Rt159 near Bridge St brush fire extended to a shed (well involved) and a barn (minor) 16:37

    New Britain, CT /2nd Alarm/ Acorn St and Oak St occ 3brk fire on rear porches 18:16

    Providence, RI /10-75/ 11 Stueben St 3wdfr NFI 19:30

    Springfield, MA /10-30/ 125 Paridon St “Diamond Match” fire in a machine 20:06

    Providence, RI /10-75/ Commadore St and Chatham St 3wdfr heavy fire 2nd flr add’l Engine and Ladder req 20:56


    Stafford, CT (West Stafford Section) /10-31/ Rt190 at railroad tressel 2 car head on R-5 req 05:34

    Newington, CT /10-31 Code Blue/ West Hartford Rd at town line CSP cruiser vs car and pole as result of a chase involving a bank robbery suspect 11:43

    Johnston, RI /10-75/ 8 Willow St a 1.5wdfr occ dwelling fire 1st flr 13:05

    West Hartford, CT /10-31/ Tunxis Rd (1) pinned 14:13

    West Hartford, CT /10-31/10-99/ New Britain Ave and South Quaker La school bus involved add’l EMS X6 req 14:13

    Seymour, CT /10-31/ Rt8 NB at Exit 19 car vs pedestrian (1) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) 14:40

    Stratford, CT /10-75/ Birdseye St 2wdfr fire on the roof 16:11

    East Windsor, CT (Broad Brook Section) /10-31/10-43 req/ Graham Rd car vs bike R-5 req (1) 10-45 Code 2 (serious) 17:48

    East Lyme, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ I-95 NB near Exit 71A (1) 10-45 Code 2 (traumatic arrest) 19:27

    Hartford, CT /10-31/ Capital Ave and Forrest St car vs pole 21:48


    Woonsocket, RI /10-75/ Social St 3wdfr fire all flrs with rescues made 02:05

    New Haven, CT /10-31/ Woodward St and Forbes St involving a leaking oil tanker DEP req 08:23

    Waterbury, CT /2nd Alarm/ Bradley Ave unk type bldg NFI 20:36


    Griswold, CT (Jewett City Section) /10-27/ 142 River Rd at “Home Depot” NFI 11:02

    Willimantic, CT /10-75/ Cameo Dr 2.5wdfr NFI 13:06

    Hartford, CT /10-30/ 235 New Britain Ave 2.5wdfr fire on the rear porch 14:01

    Danbury, CT /10-75/ First St 1.5wdfr an attic fire EMS req 14:20

    Cranston, RI /10-75/ Howard Ave “Rhode Island State Prison” fire on 1st flr add’l Engine X2 and EMS X2 req 14:51

    Bridgeport, CT /10-75/ North Ave near Island Brook Ave 1.5wdfr fire thru the roof 16:40

    Worcester, MA /2nd Alarm/ 106 Lakewood Street unk type bldg fire on rear porches 16:43

    Rocky Hill, CT /10-31/ I-91 NB north of Exit 24 NFI 17:35

    Shelburne Falls, MA /10-75/ 34 Sears Rd a dwelling NFI 18:07


    Groton, CT /10-31/ Gold Star Hwy at Candlewood Dr NFI 12:36

    North Branford, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ near Lake Gaylord involving at ATV 22:31


    Preston, CT /10-75/ 33 Rt2 A unk type bldg add’l Ladder req 00:18

    Old Saybrook, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Ingraham Hill Rd near Leada Woods Rd a rollover 00:36

    Waterbury, CT /10-31/ Thomaston Ave 1 pinned NFI 09:01

    Enfield, CT /10-31/ I-91 SB pedestrian vs car R-5 req 13:35

    Ledyard, CT /10-75/ 120 Gallop Hill Rd a dwelling NFI 18:05

    Danbury, CT /10-75/ 26 Springside St unk type bldg NFI 18:52

    Pawtucket, RI /10-75/ 66 Maynard St unk type bldg NFI 23:54


    East Haddam, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ West Rd near Rt82 car vs tree 01:47

    Bridgeport, CT /10-75/ Sedgewick Ave and North Ave a dwelling (1) 10-45 Code 1 (fatal) 07:19

    Trumbull, CT /2nd Alarm/ 21 Britany Ave 2wdfr EMS req for (1) civilian 10-45 unk code 07:56

    Hartford, CT /2nd Alarm/ 85 Jefferson St “Hartford Hospital” smoke in the bldg NFI 10:16

    Hartford, CT /10-75/ 41 Elmer St a garage fire well involved with exposures on Capen St 19:07

    Killingly, CT /10-31/10-43 req/ Rt12 and Rt6 prolonged extrication NFI 22:03

    Hartford, CT /10-75/ 241 Franklin Ave 3brk fire in the walls 22:30

    HCRA Website: http://www.hartfordcitywide.com


    London Fire Brigade Daily Report

    05 April 02

    0112 E27 Erith Persons reported fire at 264 Brook St, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 10m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued with smoke inhalation

    Runs for the day: 908

    06 April 02

    0226 G23 Hillingdon 6 PUMP FIRE, HP REQUESTED, CYLINDERS REPORTED at Signcraft on St. Stephens Rd, fire and bldg collapse in a lumber yard and range of 1-sty workshops 30m x 20m, fully involved with extension to several automobiles, 20 civilians evacuated from surrounding residences, 4 LPG cylinders involved, using 4 jets, Hydraulic Platform monitor, light portable pump.

    0639 A34 Edmonton Persons reported fire at 34 Thornaby Gardens, 2-sty private dwelling 4m x 7m, 2nd flr fire using 2 hosereels, 1 infant and 1 adult civilian rescued with smoke inhalation and burns.

    Runs for the day: 741

    07 April 02

    0921 A21 Paddington Persons reported fire at Flat 21, Holwood House on Pavely St, 6th & 7th flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 4 children and 2 adult civilians rescued.

    1018 F43 Barking 4 Pump fire, HL Required on River Road, fire involving 3 tons of mixed rubbish and paint containts and two 3m x 6m freight containers, using 2 jets, water relay operations, Hose Laying Unit.

    1555 E27 Erith 8 PUMP FIRE at Bostal Woods on New Rd, fire in 4 hectares of woods and brush, using 4 hosereels & hand tools.

    1651 F43 Barking 4 pump fire on Gallions Drive, fire in 1.5 hectares of brush and grass extended to several sheds, using 2 jets, 1 hosereel, handtools.

    0042 F29 Leyton 4 pump fire, persons reported at 131 Albert Rd, 2-sty apartment bldg 5m x 8m, 1st flr apartment fully involved extended to 2nd flr and roof, using 2 jets, 9m ladder, 1 civilian w/smoke inhalation and burns.

    0145 H26 Addington 4 pump fire, persons reported (fatal)at 197 Homestead Way, 2-sty terraced private dwelling 5m x 6m 1st flr fully involved, extending up, using 1 jet & 1 hosereel, 1 child jumper from 2nd flr, 1 adult & 2 children rescued, 1 adult found DOA on 1st flr.

    Runs for the day: 857

    08 April 02

    0816 H28 Woodside 4 pump fire at 411 Lower Addsicome Rd, fire in 1st flr apartment using 1 jet, 3 civilians rescued w/smoke inhalation.

    1502 E41 Orpington Persons reported fire at 28 Maxwell Gardens, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 8m, 2nd flr fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued.

    1849 F26 Bethnal Green Persons reported fire on Rutland Road, fire in a 3-sty apartment bldg 50m x 10m, fire in the lobby, smoke damage to 8 units, using 2 hosereels, 1 civilian rescued, 10 displaced.

    2318 H31 Croydon 6 PUMP FIRE on Mill Lane, derelict 2-sty factory 40m x 5m fully involved, using 3 jets and Hydraulic Platform monitor.

    0229 A33 Tottenham 5 PUMP FIRE, PERSONS REPORTED at 57 Cobham Rd, 3-sty private dwelling 5m x 15m fully involved thru the roof, extended to exposures, 4 civilians rescued, using 2 jets, 2 hosereels, two 9 meter ladders, thermal imaging camera.

    Runs for the day: 865
    Runs for the year: 70451



    KANSAS CITY, MO Area fires:

    04/08/02 4th Alm Kansas City, MO 0235 hrs 1336 Walnut x 14th St., heavy fire in a vacant multi-story office bldg, aerials up and operating. NFI ATT

    04/08/02 W/F Independence, MO 609 N Hocker St, 0200hrs, fully involved private dwelling fire. Fire was arson; house was scene of two incidents earlier that evening. First a civilian was bitten by a pit bull kept at the residence shortly before 1800hrs. Animal control was called and a crowd gathered, then someone from inside the house fired several rounds out into
    the crowd, flattening the animal control vehicles tires and wounding one civilian. SWAT team summoned and stormed the residence at 2045hrs only to find it vacant. After the PD left the scene, someone entered the house, spread an accelerant and torched it.




    for April 8th:

    1921: 9 Alarms - 6-6-56 & 3-3-54 - 0135hrs - Leadenhall & Henrietta Sts - Otterbein (South Of Downtown) - Fire involved the 2 story brick block long Joseph Thomas' Lumber Yard & Mill - The fire started in a kiln & quickly spread throughout the building - BC-6, John Kahl, sounded the 2 alarm @ 0138hrs & DC Engineer Lewin H. Burkhardt sounded the 6th alarm @ 0148hrs - In less than 30 minutes every part of the factory was involved, making for a very spectacular fire with a vivid red glow lighting up the entire city - Chief Engineer August Emrich sounded the 3rd alarm (9th alarm) from adjacent Box#54 @ 0155hrs - The fire licked the walls of Martina Lutheran Church & Public School #44, across Peach Alley, but the hard work of the firefighters playing (25) hose lines in the blaze, confined the fire to the lumber yard. (TUH)

    1963: 0830hrs - *E-1* (Now Rescue-1), *E-38*, & *T-13* responded to Saratoga & Schroeder Sts, West of Downtown, to render assistance to a Baltimore Transit Company Bus, #2588, that had crashed into a moving automobile, running over it, crushing it flat, & wedging it against a fire hydrant - (5) teenage school girls in the auto were killed & the driver injured - Firefighters, using acetylene torches, pulled apart the tangled wreckage - This is recorded as the most fatal accident involving moving vehicles in the city's history @ the time - Reverend G. Stanley Schwind, Department Chaplain & Car-88, crawled into the wreckage & administered conditional absolution to the victims. (TUH)

    1971: 5 Alarms - Box#573 - 32-34 S Calvert St - Downtown - Fire involved the Gourmet Restaurant & Larry Beck's Trophies. (CHM1)

    1971: 3 Alarms + Special Call 3 Engines & Water Tower-1 (Snorkel) - Box#2425 - 1602hrs - 853 Greenmount Ave - Northeast Of Downtown - Fire involved the Wellsbach Warehouse - (Note: Companies with a "*" have since been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 1602hrs = E-6, *E-9*, *E-28*, T-16, & BC-2 - 2nd alarm @ 1605hrs = *E-7*, *E-32*, T-5, *BC-8*, *High Expansion Foam Unit-1*, Air Cascade-1, *Mobile Hospital Unit-1*, & Rescue-1 - 3rd alarm @ 1609hrs = *E-19*, E-23, *E-34*, T-1, BC-3, *DC-2* (Now Shift Commander), & *Tank Wagon-1 (Fuel Truck)* - Special call 2-10-3 (3 Engines) @ 1615hrs = *E-15*, *E-18*, & *E-24* - Special call @ 1623hrs = *Water Tower-1* (Snorkel). (CHM1*GTE)

    1971: 2 Alarms + Special Call 3 Engines - Box#1839 - 906 Dundalk Ave - Graceland Park (Southeast Baltimore) - Fire involved a 1 story grocery. (CHM1)

    1988: 2 Alarms - Box#8821 - 1932hrs - 1741 W North Ave - Penn/North (Northwest Of Downtown) - Medic-8 requested the box to be struck out when they spotted fire & smoke showing from a 3 story tavern & apartment - The building was a burnout & no serious injuries were reported - 1st alarm @ 1932hrs = E-52, *E-25*, E-8, E-13, T-10, *T-4*, AirFlex-1 (Now Air Cascade-1), Medic-8, EMS Super-4, & BC-4 - 2nd alarm @ 1943hrs = E-20, E-14, *E-18*, *E-7*, *Aerial Tower-111*, T-18, *T-22*, Rescue-1, Medic-15, *BC-7* (Now BC-5), & *DC-2* (Now Shift Commander) - Fire under control @ 1955hrs. (TGA)

    2000: 2 Alarms - Box#3-5 - 0021hrs - 5621 Frankford Ave - Frankford Gardens (Northeast Baltimore) - Fire involved a 3 story brick garden apartment building - 1st alarm @ 0021hrs = *E-3*, E-54, E-42, E-124 (Aerial Tower), T-26 (Disabled enroute - struck door leaving quarters), T-30, & *BC-8* - Special call @ 0024hrs = *T-7* (To replace T-26) - Working fire @ 0034hrs = T-20, Air Cascade-1, & BC-1 - 2nd alarm @ 0037hrs = E-51, E-50, E-56, T-15, & Rescue-1 - Fire under control @ 0110hrs - "A" Shift. (TGA)

    George T. Ehrman



    Western New York's Public Safety Page! Here you will find information on area Fire Dept., Police
    Dept., and Ambulance companies.


    - Chris Wright


    Upcoming NJ Area Firematic Events

    North Jersey Volunteer Firemen's Association
    Serving The Counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris & Passaic Since 1928

    President & Treasurer: P.O. Box #8181, Haledon NJ 07538
    Secretary: 29 South Gifford Street, Butler NJ 07405 973-492-0543
    Email: NJVFA@Hotmail.com
    Web Site & Discussion group: http://www.Yahoogroups.com/group/NorthJerseyVolFire

    Extra Alarms, Special Calls, Fun Runs: (if travelling distances, call ahead to confirm) – Please send news about all of your events to Secretary Rich Dean so that they can be included with the newsletters distributed by postal mail, email and fax. Good sources for information about events online can be found at http://www.Wetdowns.com and http://www.NJFirefighters.com


    May 11 Verona Rescue Squad 75th Anniversary
    June 8 Hillsdale Fire Dept Centennial and annual NJ & NY VFA Convention Parade
    July 13 153rd Annual Port Jervis Fire Department Parade
    July 13 250th Anniversary Parade of Relief Fire Engine Co. 1 of Mount Holly – America’s oldest volunteer fire company in service
    Aug 3 South Bound Brook Fire Department Centennial, 12 noon
    Aug 31 Boonton Fire Department 111th Annual Labor Day Parade
    Sep 7 New Providence Fire Department Centennial Parade, 1pm
    Sep 14 NJSFA Convention Parade, New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood, 1pm
    Oct 5 Keyport Fire Department 125th Anniversary and 116th Annual NJ State Exempt Firemen's Convention & Parade.


    To see pics of past NJ wetdowns visit Between Alarms at NJ Firefighters Online, http://www.njfirefighters.com/events/spevents.shtml
    May 4 Prospect Park Fire Department, 106 Brown Ave., 2001 Seagrave quint
    May 18 Fair Lawn Fire Co. 3, 2pm – 6pm
    May 18 Skyline Lakes Vol Fire Co., 3pm – 10pm
    May 18 Morristown Ambulance Squad, 6pm – 10pm
    May 18 Ridgefield Fire Department Co. 3, 1pm – 5pm
    June 1 Fairview Fire Department, 12 noon – 5pm
    June 1 West Paterson Fire Department Quadruple Wetdown & Beach Party at PNC Bank Building, Garret Mountain, 4pm to 10pm.
    June 1 Butler Fire Department Centennial Open House from 2pm to 8pm
    June 8 Riverview Park Fire Co. 3, Totowa Boro for a PIerce Dash pumper from 4pm to 10pm
    June 8 Hoptacong Fire Department
    June 15 Fort Lee Fire Department, Palisades Co. 4, Brinkerhoff Ave., 12 noon -?
    June 15 Roseland Fire Department, Eagle Rock Ave., 5pm – 10pm
    June 15 Elmwood Park Fire Dept. Co. 1, Grove Street
    June 22 Wanaque Fire Department for 2 Smeal pumpers
    June 29 Cresskill Fire Department Wetdown
    July 14 Dumont Fire Department Truck Co. 2 Wetdown 1pm to 5pm
    Aug 10 Stirling Vol Fire Company, Long Hill Township, from 6pm - ?
    Aug 17 Rockaway Boro Fire Department, 7pm - ?
    Aug 17 Scotch Plains Fire Department, 1910 Raritan Road, 12pm – 6pm
    Aug 24 Paramus Fire Department, Spring Valley Co. 2, 3pm – 7pm


    April 3 Skyline Lakes Fire Department, Ringwood
    May 1 Open
    June 5 Caldwell Fire Department
    July 3 Open
    Aug 7 Towaco Fire Department
    Sep 4 Open
    Oct 2 East Rutherford Engine Co. 2


    Bloomingdale Fire Dept sponsors a Ziti Dinner from 5-7pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month, 97 Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike.

    Kinney Hose of Butler sponsors a Ziti Dinner from 5-7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, Carey & Bartholdi Avenues. Kiel H&L of Butler rents party tents

    April 21 Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Co. Spring Pancake Breakfast, 7am – 1pm, at Co. 1 Firehouse, 103 Kiel Avenue
    April 28 Pequannock E&H Co. 1 of Butler Pancake Breakfast, 7am-11am
    May 17-19 Lancaster County VFA Fire Expo 2002 at Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg
    July 16-21 Firehouse Expo at Baltimore Convention Center
    June 8 Park Row Hose Co., Wallington, Annual Picnic Fundraiser at VFW, Main & Hathaway, 12pm to 8pm
    June 22 9th Annual Antique Fire Association of Central NJ Muster & Show at Duke Island Park, Manville
    Nov. 3 26th Annual Green Brook Fire Dept Firematic Flea Market & Mug Swap


    Sep 13 & 14 NJ State Firemen’s Association at the new Wildwood Convention Center
    Oct. 5 NJ State Exempt Firemen’s Association hosted by Keyport Fire Department, Monmouth County, for its 125th Anniversary.
    2003 NJ State Exempts hosted by Phillipsburg, Warren County.
    2004 NJ State Exempts hosted by Wharton, Morris County.

    Richard Dean


    *** FireNet Group Of The Day: ***

    CFN, Columbia Fire Net, is a product of the Columbia, Missouri Fire Department. It was established to provide information via pagers to Chief Officers, Rescue and HazMat Team members and eventually to any interested CFD member. The pagers are provided at no cost to CFD members. With 4 pin options available, members could select any 2 additional types of pages. Obviously their individual pin, then a CFD all call pin and their choice of 2 more. About 2 dozen elected to receive CFN as one of their options. As of this writing there are 4 who are authorized to send out national pages. National paging will remain a very closely held authority. Since we are new, we have a rather steep learning curve. As Fire Chief, Wm. Markgraf is the nominal head of the system. The other 3 "national dispatchers" are employees of the CFD.

    The telephone number for the Columbia Fire Department is 573 874 7391.
    Home number for Darrin Arends is 573 687 3461.
    E-Mail: dwa@gocolumbiamo.com
    Personal Pager 499 8686

    The CFD Web Page is: http://www.ci.columbia.mo.us which is the citywide page, then select the fire department.

    Other dispatchers include Battalion Chief Ron McCord, Lieutenant Steve Sapp, and Engineer Dan McGavick. We sign by CFN/(and then our LAN identifications which is usually our initials.) For "snail mail" communications we may be reached at:

    Columbia Fire Department,
    201 Orr Street,
    Columbia, Missouri 65201.


    Special Thanks to everyone who contributes fire news. ALSO a BIG THANKS to ALL FireNet pager groups who provide St. Louis FireNet with fire info. For a listing of these groups and how you can get a fire pager please e-mail me at:

    Box 8 Club of St. Louis Inc.

    World Of Fire E-Mail:

    SUBSCRIBE TO World Of Fire Daily Report at:


    Subscribe via e-mail to: WOF_Report-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

    View working fires reports & pictures at:

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