*********************HAS YOUR DEPT. REGISTERED?***********************

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) is conducting a National Fire Department census. This is a major attempt to develop a database of every fire department in the United States including all local, state, and Federal government, regional/metropolitan transportation authorities, industrial fire brigades, and contract fire departments.

The database will include:

Fire department name
Address (geocoded)
Type of organization
Population served
Area protected
Number of firefighters and support personnel
Specialized service provided

The compiled data will be made available to the public.
A single source that includes every fire department in the U.S. and their services is long overdue. Fire Department needs and interests are best represented when there is a complete and accurate accounting. This information may help to direct USFA program planning such as NFA course development, research initiatives, and grants distribution.

To have your department included, contact the CENSUS HELP DESK at (703) 845-4956. Departments must register by April 15th.