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    Anyone ever injured injured their back and were confronted with the need for an operation. I have a Herniated Disc at L5-S1 and the doctors say it's time to operate. I was just wondering if anyone in the firefighting field has had this operation and was able to return to work at 100%.
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    Yes I have, same disc space l-5 /S-1. I am a career fire fighter in the norest and bacjk in 1985 I injuried my back removing a 400+ lbs patient froma home while on a rescue unit. I tried all the stuff that the doctors asked me to do but finally had to have an operation. I had my operation in Hartford Ct. by a neurosurgen, stay with a neuro instead of an Othropedic. Big difference in the outcome. It took me a while but have been able to return to work at 100%.
    I was great up until around 1995 when a fell upon entering a house fire on tile floors and fell back on my airpack, injuring a second disc. That injury took awhile before I started to had difficulties with it. I had ruptured L-3/L-4, and lost all use of my left leg. I had to go in for a second operation , but this time I had it performed in Boston. I was out of work for 6 months and lots of rehabilitation. I have again returned to work full time and never have looked back. I have great days and some days that really suck but all and all I would not have changed a thing. If you have the surgery stay with a neurosureon, it will make all the difference in the world. Good luck and I hope it alll works out for you

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