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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a Haz Mat Incident on the entrance ramp from I-55 Northbound to the Eastbound Poplar Street Bridge. It is supposedly an overturned Tanker Truck leaking liquid. Contents of the trailer not sure at this time. They have reports of people trapped in the truck. PUMPERS: 11, 2, BC802 and the Haz Mat Task Force, Command Post 900 and DC810. [STL819]. 1:25a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's HazMat Incident of an over-turned tractor trailer on the ramp from Northbound I-55 to Eastbound Poplar Street Bridge. Staging has been changed to 2nd and Poplar. They have 2 occupants of the truck being extricated at this time. 2 additional Pumpers have been requested to the scene. They are still not sure of the contents of the trailer. PUMPERS: 7 & 29. [STL819]. 1:42a.m.

· 2nd Alarm Equivalent – PROVIDENCE, RI: 113 117 Plainfield St. Fire in a 1.5-story wood frame 30x40 extended to a 3-story wood frame 30x60. All heavy fire in both buildings have been knocked down. PWH *151.220* O/S C303/C305/C319 [TAC9-C319]. 2:03a.m.

· PRINCE WILLIAM, VA: 2nd Alarm 10843 Gambril Dr. Units on scene with heavy fire. Medic Unit requested for an injured Firefighter. [DC62]. 2:10a.m.

· STLFN: JENNINGS (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Jennings FD has a fire in a house at 7008 Paisley x Rosalyn. 1st Company on the scene reported smoke showing from a 1-story house - using a Pre-connect. [STL819]. 2:11a.m.

· PRINCE WILLIAM, VA: 3rd Alarm at 10843 Gambril Dr. Medevac requested for an injured Firefighter. Evacuation tones sounded. Requested a 3rd Alarm as fire is jumping roofs. [DC62-FIRECOM]. 2:15a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's HazMat Incident (location change) at 2nd and Poplar. DC810 has requested that all train traffic be halted in the area of the incident. [STL819]. 2:27a.m.

· PRINCE WILLIAM Co., VA: Update - 3rd Alarm - 10843 Gambril Dr. Injured Firefighter was sent by Helo to Fairfax Hosp with unknown injuries. Bulk of fire knocked down, still hitting hot spots. PWH (VFN104). 3:05a.m.

· PRINCE WILLIAM, VA: Update - 3rd Alarm at 10843 Gambril Dr. Bulk of fire knocked down. Some extension into 10841 Gambril Dr. Staging Units clearing Units on scene for at least another hour. [DC62]. 3:20a.m.

· STLFN: EAST ST.LOUIS (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: ESTLFD has a house fire at 2950 Renshaw. E424 & E422 responded. E424 reports 1-story frame fully involved. Catching a hydrant. Also off with a Deck Pipe & 2 lines. E422 assisting. [STL997]. 4:03a.m.

· MONTGOMERY Co., MD: **2nd & 3rd Alarms** 3443 Hewitt Ave (Co.25-Kensington). [DC2]. 4:07a.m.

· MONTGOMERY Co., MD: 3rd Alarm Update at 3443 Hewitt Ave (Co.25 Kensington). Large 3-story frame Apartment building approx. 300x75 with several addresses. Heavy fire approx. 1/3 of structure. Heavy-duty exterior operations. [DC2]. 4:49a.m.

· HARDYSTON TWP. (SUSSEX Co.), NJ: ++General Alarm++ 14 / 16 Tannery Hill Dr. 2-story private dwelling extended to a 2-story private dwelling. M/A in. [MNS=516*IAP] * 5:10a.m.

· PLEASANTVILLE (FAIRFIELD Co.), OH: *3rd alarm Equiv.* 2605 Leidecker Rd. 2-story single- family dwelling – fully involved. M/A from Perry Co. / Thurston & others. Setup water shuttle operations. 460.625 [FPO/260/249/D284] (c). 5:29a.m.

· OWOSSO, MI: Working fire in the Michigan State Police Post at M-52 & Bennington. Fire Command on scene requests M/A Tankers & manpower from Corunna/Caledonia & Perry FD. Additional EMS Unit also requested to scene. (FNNM 552). 7:14a.m.

· Update - OWOSSO, MI: Working fire at the Michigan State Police Post at M-52 & Bennington. M/A Tankers & manpower to scene from Corunna/Caledonia, Perry & Laingsburg. Shiawassee Twp FD on standby. Perry FD Command requesting their Ladder Truck to respond also. (FNNM 552,566). 7:32a.m.

· 5-5-5-5 It is with regret that we announce the death & recovery of the blessed remains of FF Thomas A. Casoria of Engine 22, which occurred on 9/11 while operating at MANHATTAN, NY: 55-8087. (WTC). May he rest in eternal peace. [MNS OFFICE]. 8:55a.m.

· GHENT (COLUMBIA Co.), NY: **2nd Alarm** 2552 Rt. 66 a Restaurant fire. M/A to work/cover [MNS=516*IAP] * 9:24a.m.

· OWOSSO, MI: Update – Working fire at the MSP Post at M-52 & Bennington. Fire extended thru the roof approx 30 ft into air. Extension to out building to rear of building. All companies still working. Tanker shuttle in progress. (FNNM 552). 9:24a.m.

· From 0605hrs PDT: SAN BERNARDINO, CA: 2nd Alarm in the 800 block of S. Lincoln Ave. Single-family dwelling - well involved. 4-displaced. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1R]. 9:31a.m.

· STLFN: BELLEVILLE (ST. CLAIR Co.), IL: Belleville FD is working a rekindle @ 706 W. Lincoln, APT. B. Light smoke showing on arrival. Pulling a Booster line. NFI/ATT [STL878]. 10:18a.m.

· STLFN: ST.PETERS (ST.CHARLES Co.), MO: *2nd Alarm* Summergate Apartments, 1305 Summergate Parkway x Harvester Rd. Heavy fire on the 1st & 2nd floors of a 2-story Apartment complex. 2 lines off. [STL899]. 11:13a.m.

· STLFN: ST.PETERS (ST.CHARLES Co.), MO: Update *2nd Alarm* Summergate Apartments, 1305 Summergate Parkway x Harvester Rd. Command reports fire is completely under control. Disregard 2nd Alarm Co.'s. [STL899]. 11:22a.m.

· LOS ANGELES Co., CA: LA Co. FD: 2nd Alarm attic fire in commercial structure at 134 E. Bidillo St. x Citrus in Covina. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1]. 11:45a.m.

· MONTGOMERY Co., MD: **2nd Alarm** 3429 Hewitt Ave (Co.25 Kensington). Fire in the cockloft 300x50 frame Apartment building. Scene of earlier 2nd Alarm. Fire spreading towards unburned section of the building. [DC2]. 12:51p.m.

· LOS ANGELES Co., CA: Update – 2nd Alarm @ 134 E. Bidillo. The commercial structure fire was a total loss. Building and Safety called out. Fire burned for 54 minutes. COVINA, CA. MP:599(B5)BLUE6: [L.A.99]. 1:02p.m.

· MONTGOMERY Co., MD: Unusual Incident 100 block Prettyman Dr. (Rockville). Victim fell into vat of hot tar on roof of supermarket under construction. Trauma Code with Medevac flyout. [DC2]. 1:52p.m.

· #C.D.F./RIV.Co., CA: Working Commercial fire. Mini Storage building. Heavy smoke and fire showing. Incident Command and Rig Team @ 509 N.D Street in PERRIS, CA. [MP:807(G1TAC1.L.A.99]. 3:55p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for April 9, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in early 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0337
Pleasant Walnut Twp (Fairfield): W/F + 2605 Leidecker Rd NW in Pleasantville. Fully involved 2 sty SFD. Defensive mode. Cos: Eng 571, 571, Lad 610 (Basil JFD), Res571cuE, Tank 581 (Richland Twp), 291, Med 571, Chief 571. S/C Eng 632 (Millersport) and SuperTanker 611. FPO/D260 ©

- 0349
Pleasant Walnut Twp (Fairfield): *2nd Alarm Equiv* 2605 Leidecker Rd NW in Pleasantville. S/C Engine & Tanker from Thurston Walnut Twp (620). Add'l M/A from Perry County. Long lay ins. Dump tanks setting up. DWH. FPO/D260 ©

- 0437
Pleasant Walnut Twp (Fairfield): *3rd Alarm Equiv* 2605 Leidecker Rd NW in Pleasantville. House on ground. No report on searches. M/A transfers from 2 counties. FPO/249$/D260 ©

- 1110
South Pymatuning Twp, PA (Mercer): W/F 1163 Darion Rd. Fully involved structure fire. M/A West Salem Sta 73 for tanker. FPO/258/D217 ©

- 1519
Saltcreek Tarlton (Pickaway): MVA/MCI SR 56 @ Logan Schools. 1 Trauma arrest & 3 critical. S/C MedFlight # 1 (117MK). Pickaway Plains & Green Twp on M/A. FPO/D249 ©

- 1528
Saltcreek Tarlton (Pickaway): MVA/MCI SR 56 @ Logan Schools. Add MedFlight # 3 (4493X) to the card. Multiple level 1 trauma victims. FPO/D249 ©

- 1551
Saltcreek Tarlton (Pickaway): MVA/MCI SR 56 @ Logan Schools. Multiple vehicle crash. 1 Driver DOA on scene. 2nd Driver to Grant by MedFlight # 1. 16 year old female, multi systems trauma. FPO/223 (BGM)/D249 ©

- 1559
Jackson Twp (Franklin): MVA/MCI I-71 near SR 665. Sta 201, 202, 203, 231 (Pleasant Twp) working. Multi vehicle head-on. Multiple level 1 traumas. FPO/D249 ©

- 1606
Jackson Twp (Franklin): MVA/MCI I-71 near SR 665. Res203enG & Res202cuE both working. 1 male driver is severly pinned. BN 204 calling for Level 1 Trauma Alerts @ MCMC & GMC. fPO/D249 ©

- 1934
Columbus: W/F 40 South Hague Ave. Cos: Eng 17, 12, 10, Lad 12, 10, Res17cuE, Med 17, 192 (Franklin Twp), BN 5, 1. 2 sty double. FPO/D217 ©

- 1938
Columbus: W/F 40 South Hauge Ave. RIC: Eng 192 (Franklin Twp), MEd 51 (Grandview Heights), EMS 15, SO 2. Reports of 2 children possibly trapped. EMS 15 requesting 2 add'l Medics. ES 2 enroute. FPO/D217 ©

- 1942
Columbus: W/F 40 South Hague Ave. BN 5 reports searches negative. FPO/D217 ©

- 1947
Columbus: W/F 40 South Hague Ave. BN 5 reports fier K/D. Holding all companies. Arson S/C'd. FPO/D217 ©

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District 1

Media Contact:
District Fire Chief Howard Reed 352-2311
Date: 04/06/02
Time: 04:50 a.m.

Good morning,

This is District Chief Howard Reed from District 1 of the Cincinnati Fire Department reporting on a one-alarm fire that occurred on 4/6/02 at 04:50 a.m. The fire happened in Kennedy Heights.

Upon their arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the windows of a one story with an attic frame structure.

Fire crews begin an aggressive interior attack locating the origin of this incident in the kitchen and confining the fire damage to that area in less then 15 minutes. The fire was started by a pot of water left boiling on an electric stove. An early warning smoke detector was found on the premise.

The estimated damage loss to the contents and structure is $12,000.00 and there were no reports of injuries to any civilians or firefighters.

Please contact District Chief Jay Boeing at 352-2344 for any additional information.


District 1

Media Contact:
District Fire Chief Howard Reed 352-2311
Date: 04/06/02
Time: 05:30 a.m.

Good morning,

This is District Chief Howard Reed from District 1 of the Cincinnati Fire Department report on a 2-alarm fire with occurred on 4/6/02 at 0530. The fire appeared to have originated on the second floor of a 3-story brick structure.

Upon the first fire company arrival, they found heavy fire coming out of the front four windows of the second floor apartment and the roof. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack confining the fire and smoke damage to the second and third floor apartments.

Due to the time of the incident, firefighters conducted a primary and secondary search of the entire structure while conducting fire control operations. It took 45 firefighters 30 minutes to bring this fire under control, and another 2 hour and 30 minutes to perform salvage and overhauling operations.

There were no reports of any civilians or firefighters injured at this incident. The estimated loss to the structure and its contents is $65,000.00. Fire Specialist Leroy Martin responded and started an investigation to determine the cause this fire.

Please contact District Chief Anson Turley at 352-2322 or Fire Specialist Leroy Martin at 352-1689 for any additional information.


Fredrick A. Prather
Fredrick A. Prather, District Fire Chief
Cincinnati Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau
430 Central Avenue Cincinnati,
Ohio 45202-2642
Phone: (513) 357-7595, Fax: (513) 357-7579



London Fire Brigade Daily Report

09 April 02

1024 H21 Clapham Persons reported fire at 20 Hewer House on Worsopp Dr, fire in a 5th & 6th flr maisonette using 1 hosereel, 2 disabled civilians rescued w/smoke inhalation and shock.

1048 G30 Wembley 4 pump fire, persons reported (fatal)at 497 High Road, shop and basement fully involved using 2 hosereels, 2 civilians removed from basement DOA, 4 FFs w/smoke inhalation

(NOTE: Firefighter smoke inhalation injuries are very rare in LFB due to strict SCBA policies, the dispatch of a Breathing Apparatus Control Officer on all working fires, strict accountability.... the Wembley call with 4 smoke inhalation injuries and 2 fatalities indicates an immediate and serious rescue situation must have existed upon arrival)

1135 F21 Stratford 4 pump fire, persons reported at 70 Claremont Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 10m, heavy fire 1st flr using 1 jet & 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

1814 F44 East Ham 4 pump chemical incident at East Ham Leisure Centre on 324 BarkingRd, spillage of sodium hypochlorite and sulphuric acid in plant room area, 1 civilian w/inhalation injuries, area ventilated, decon.

1846 E28 Bexley 4 pump fire at London Business Centre on Thames Rd, 2-sty storage warehouse 20m x 10m, 1st flr fire using 2 hosereels.

0125 F42 Ilford Persons reported fire at 7 Airthrie Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 8m x 5m heavy fire 1st flr using 1 hosereel & thermal imaging camera, 1 civilian rescued from 2nd flr overcome, 6 other civilians w/smoke inhalation.

0132 A26 Knightsbridge Persons reported fire at 15 Parkside Mansions, 2nd flr apartment fire using 2 hosereels & thermal imaging camera, 1 civilian w/burns, 2 civilians w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 982
Runs for the year: 71434




NUMBER ONE ISLAND, GA:, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. The fire continues being managed by a Fire Use Management Team (OIC - Cones). The fire is 14 miles southwest of Folkston, GA. The fire is being managed under a confinement strategy. The Chesser Island Boardwalk remains closed to the public and a structure protection sprinkler system is in place. Suppression personnel are continuing to mop up the burnout operation conducted over the weekend



Kochville Twp. (Saginaw Co.), MI: 4/9/02 11:00am PI Accident. Kochville Rd. & Venoy Rd. Front end loader on top of a semi cab. DOA on arrivial. Mutual Aid-Zilwaukee Rescue and Carollton Fire. Other agencies that responded. MMR, MSP, Motor carrier, Sheriffs dept., Zilwaukee PD, Carrollton PD.Wall and OSHA.




for April 9th:

1876: Box#7 - 1425hrs - 25 S Sharp St - Fire involved the Brown Brothers Drug Warehouse - The fire had gained such headway that it was impossible to save the structure, & the efforts of the Department were directed to the large buildings on Hanover St, in consequence of the strong northwest wind blowing flames & burning brands over them - @ 1500hrs the drug house was a burning mass, with the fire leaping high into the air - Then the 1st Baptist Church @ Sharp & Lombard Sts caught fire on it's old round top roof - Members of the congregation climbed up with buckets & wet blankets, extinguishing the fires, time after time - The wind increased to gale force & sparks & burning brands were carried through the air landing blocks away - The Hebrew Temple on Hanover St below Lombard caught fire, then the cotton warehouse of the Deford Company, 11 Hollingsworth St became ignited & was destroyed - The roof of a warehouse @ 26 Light St, blazed up & was quickly consumed - Even the ships in the Harbor Basin did not escape the rain of fire, holes were burned in their sails before they could drift out of danger - Nothing but the effective work of the weary firefighters prevented the entire east section from being destroyed - A number of firefighters were injured, among them Foreman George Horton, E-4, whose arm was cut severely & Foreman Konig, E-13, who fell off a ladder & broke his leg - Durning the next few months, E-13 was plagued by accidents, there being (8) other mishaps - Consideration was given to changing the number of the Company, but it never came before the Fire Board. (TUH)

1952: 6 Alarms - Box#7961 - 3428 Reisterstown Rd - Park Circle (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Park Circle Motor Company. (CHM1)

1997: Aerial Tower #111 was disbanded - Organized 4/19/1986 by combining E-1 & T-11 into a Quint with (6) men @ their quarters @ 401 W North Ave in the Mount Royal section, Northwest Of Downtown - This firehouse still stands & is boarded up & vacant. (CHM2*GTE)

George T. Ehrman


· The Original Chicago FireHISTORY: April 7, 1867: ENGINE 7 “Liberty” relocated from 708 N. Dearborn to new quarters at 1641 W. Lake St. and ENGINE 14 “Fred Gund” then organized at 708 N. Dearborn St. *April 7, 1928 ENGINE 75 to new quarters at 11958 S. State St. (still there). *April 8, 1964: TRUCK 10 & BATTALION 3 relocated temporarily from 1613 N. Hudson (while the apron was replaced) to 548 W. Division at Engine 4 & 27 – AND THE TRUCK IS STILL THERE! **April 9, 1894 in MILWAUKEE, WI: Fire started at 04:15hrs at the DAVIDSON HOTEL & THEATER at 135 3rd St. A 6-story brick 85x150 five years old. Working above the theater nine members were killed when the floor collapsed & they fell 60’ to the theater floor. Searches continued for over 12 hours to locate the trapped Firemen. [CHGO-18]. 9:45p.m.




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