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Thread: Blurred Vision

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    Question Blurred Vision

    The vision that sometimes comes into focus is that a gold badge does no wrong and when it comes to discipline there are 2 sets of plans, 1 set for the silver badges and 1 set for the gold.

    The biggest problem is that we tend to make the biggest example out of the silver badges. The gold badge should be held to the higher standard and more scrutiny because of the position of authority that tha position holds. But what do we do? We cut deals for the gold badges and make things easy for them and in turn we are tearing down the system.

    I am sure you have an example of this in your departments out there where two incidents have occurred and they are similar in there severity. But because 1 is a gold badge and 1 is silver the discipline does not match. The silver gets knocked to the wall with the book, the gold gets a break.

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    Yo Dawg, we must work for the same department. LoL

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    Thumbs down Nothing but metal...

    I must agree. There is way to much weight behind the color of a badge. What is sad is that most of these Captains aren't even qualified to be considered human. Racism, favoritism, nepitism...these alll run rampant in our little department. What are we to to do. Stand the hell up and fight is what we are going to do. Consolidate...become one voice...UNIONIZE. These "people" have trampled on us for the last time. We owe it to ourselves and our family's to do what is right. MORE TO COME!

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    YEAH! And when we are through the.......oops. Anyway best of luck to you guys. With the issues you have to deal with it is amazing that you are able to go home after a shift. ALL THE BEST!

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    Whoa! Captains wear gold in Charleston?

    Here in the Northeast, gold is reserved for chief officers only: Deputies, Battalions,Assistants, and The Chief of Department.

    Firefighters: silver badge, with center FD scramble.
    Lieutenants: silver badge, 1 bugle.
    Captains: silver badge, two bugles.

    Our department is unionized (IAFF Local 1714), the unionized ranks are Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief.

    Unfortunately, I have no information about the problems in your FD, but a just a few observations from a 21 year veteran...

    For some officers, getting the gold makes them turn cold. Part of being a leader in the fire service is to treat your personnel fairly, and go by the same set of rules for everybody. One cannot be intimidated by race, creed or gender.

    Many chief officers forget where they came from and make the same mistakes as their predecessors.

    Many chief officers forgo the uniform and wear suits to the office, thereby separating themselves from the rank and file as they do in the corporate world.

    Praise for personnel should be done in public, scolding in private.

    Any personnel matters should attempted to be resolved at the company level...once it starts going up the chain of command, things can and will turn "fugly". One thing to remember is that the buck gets passed upwards...when it hits the Chief's office, it turns to crap, and crap flows downhill. Depending on where you are on the downhill side, you may get a little stinky or buried in it!

    Another thing I have noticed...the more gold a chief wears on the uniform, the less competant he is...it must be the "I think that the reflection from the gold will blind the troops from knowing the truth" syndrome!
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    The way I've always been taught was that the officers are there to serve the firefighters not the firefighters are there to serve the officers. I have always tried to live by this rule while being an officer on my department. Granted I am only on a volunteer department but still.
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