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You will not find the actual modules on this web site. But you will
find a good outline for each one. You could use the outline to
develop or adopt your own training program.

The company is located in Kuwait. The training program seems out of
the USA (?)

And the URL is:

Managing Hazmat Incidents
Module 1 : Introduction To Hazardous Materials

Module 2 : Managing The Hazardous Materials Incident

Module 3 : Explosive Emergencies

Module 4 : Gas Emergencies

Module 5 : Flammable And Combustible Liquid Emergencies

Module 6 : Flammable Solid Emergencies

Module 7 : Oxidizer Emergencies

Module 8 : Poison Emergencies

Module 9 : Radioactive Emergencies

Module 10 : Corrosive Emergencies

Module 11 : Miscellaneous Hazardous Material Emergencies