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    Default FDIC - How was it?

    To those who went to the FDIC in Indy, what did you think? How were the classes and the exhibits?


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    Lots of stuff, too much to see actually. Spent almost 2 days walking it and that wasn't enough, didn't see everything. Vendors stuck in every hallway, nook and cranny of the place. Kind of a rip that there are no one or 2 day passes. You had to pay $45 for one or 3 day exhibit pass. I didn't get to any classes like I had hoped, maybe next year. All the bars were busy too...go figure

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    This was my first attendance at FDIC and I must say I was truley impressed. Been to many fire dept conventions and this one was definitely top notch. Also attended the Ray Downey award dinner. Not a dry eye in the place by the end. I was very honored to be surrounded by so many of my brothers and sisters. An incredible experience.

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    well i just have too say this was my first time at fdic and i was so excited. i loved it the guys from my dept had too drag me out when it was time to go cause i didnt want to leave. i had so much fun and i cant wait till next year to go.
    well hopefully attending hocking college soon for firefighting and emt so i hope to be on a full time dept soon.

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