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    Question basic FF training in NY


    I already serve with the campus emergency squad here at my college in upstate NY. This summer, I am planning to volunteer with the fire department in my home town. I was wondering what any other NY vollies out there could tell me about basic FF training. What to expect, what mistakes I'll probably make, things to watch out for and keep in mind, ect.... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've been on some EMS calls, but I can't wait for my first fire! During my few months on campus rescue, I've realized I'm a part of something great.

    Thanks a lot!

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    1. Read your book
    2. Pay attention in class
    3. Don't think you know it all
    4. Make mistakes and learn from them
    5. Know your SCBA inside and out
    6. Wear your gear like you would at a fire scene
    7. Always do it the book way, there will be plenty of time to learn some of the "real life" things.

    I teach basic, intermediate and advanced. Have fun but take it seriously. Ask questions so you are sure. Read that book, and know your skills. Its really a piece of cake, its not like the academy. If you ever get hired, now that's some interesting pointers we can all probably give you.

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    Arrow FF in Training

    ALSfirefighter is right on the money with the recommendations. If you have questions, don't ever be afraid to ask. Take the attitude that "your life depends on this training." Some day....it will!

    Tell me and I forget; Show me and I remember; involve me and I understand. - Unknown

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    Something I always tell my rookies is "Do it right before you do it fast." You may be able to get into your gear in 30 seconds, but if you don't have a complete protective envelope, what's the point. Good luck and kick a**.
    From a former NY vollie.
    God bless all our brothers and sisters who have gone before us.
    "Funny thing about firemen, night and day they're always firemen" corny but true.
    *My opinions only. Has to be said*

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    I have 2 classes left, already have enough points to pass, just need to show up the next two. It has been a piece of cake, just a lot of time. It is not hard at all, I am hopeing for a bit of a chalenge in intermediate. You will have no fire training in the new ef. You have to wait till intermediate for that.Good luck and stay safe

    Jerry Chrisman

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