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    Loco madidus effercio in rutilus effercio.


    I see the snake and the tombstone. Just looking at the top of the "T" in the center of the photo, just left of the FF, it also looks like someone is walking across the top of the "T", left to right.

    However, I also agree with ALSfirefighter and Martinm too: the msg "Paul is dead".... hmm psyc evals etc put aside, I wonder what else you guys get into besides weak beer?
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    Right behind the firefighters I can see a dog standing on his hind legs, taking a leak. I think he's also scratching his *****.

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    I forgot to add the fact that when your the fist due engine at 3 am and you just turn the corner and see this, the first thing out of your mouth before you pick up the radio is "holy $hit." In a nice calm monotoned, you know you won't be back to bed till you get home voice. Or just "ah $hhit" if your working a double. #$#%#%# if your working that double, and forgot an extra pair of clothes and/or your towel.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    i can see the skull in the upper left hand corner and the tombstone. i also see the dragon or if you maybe so inclined a phoenix diving into the flames. if i try beyond that my eyes start to hurt, bad monitor i guess.
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    Aight, I saw the skull, the dragon, and a big devil lookin thingy looking out the window! It's pretty amazing what you can see in pictures if you look hard enough. There was this picture of a tornado that someone had one time, 12 or so people died in it, and if you turned the picture sideways, you could clearly see Jesus reaching down to the earth... Scary stuff!
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