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    Question Hose maintenance

    We are getting samples and looking into getting new supply line. a lot of what is comming in is polyester outer jacket. Do you use it, is it hard to wash, can you put it back wet? I do know it's lighter. What we have now is rubber covered.
    What do you think?

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    For any new lines go either plastic or synthetic. easier to clean and can be repacked several times with little to no cleaning.
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    Default What size hose?

    Is the hose you're considering LDH?

    I've used both vinyl and conventional rubber lined / polyester jacket LDH. They each have some advantages and disadvantages.


    + Easy to clean, can be racked wet and somewhat dirty
    + Durable, though pinhole leaks are common

    - Very heavy!!! Takes two people to lift a section of 5" (100')
    - Tends to be slippery and stiff when new, making falling off the truck more common that you'd like!!

    Rubber lined

    + A little more abrasion resistant than vinyl and a lot more resistant to cuts

    - Difficult to clean (100' sections) We don't have a hose washer for our LDH (do they even make them for LDH?) so just trying to find space to lay out each section can be tough
    - Most hose towers cannot accomodate 100' sections, so drying must be done on the bay floor
    - Tends to pick up more dirt than the vinyl

    My personal preference would be for vinyl, just because I think maintenance is a little simpler. Others may have different ideas, so talk to neighboring companies for their experiences.

    I will tell you that we tried vinyl attack line and that was an absolute disaster!! Be cut both sections within 2 weeks of putting it on our test pumper. You have to be very careful where you drag an attack line made of this stuff!!!

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