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View Poll Results: Who runs controls when flying basket?

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  • Turntable Operator flys Basket (Basket inches in)

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  • Basket Operator runs controls for him/herself

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    Exclamation Who runs controls when flying basket?

    Our department has purchased it's first aerial platform which has stimulated the issue of who should run the controls when flying the basket -- the operator on the turntable, or the officer in the basket.

    Some feel the turntable operator has the best overall view and should get the basket close to the target and the basket operator would just "inch-it-in" to the building.

    Others feel the turntable operator has a good view to assist as a safety for hazards, but the basket operator has the most appropriate views of his path and target.

    What are your thoughts either way?

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    It doesnt matter who runs it as long as the two communicate. The operator can see the overall and the officer can see whats closer. The important thing is that you have a good radio/intercom system and the control issue is clear between operator and officer BEFORE the stick goes up!
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    Turntable Operator should do the take-off and bedding. The Basket Operator should fly it. However, the TO should keep a close eye on the aerial device and override the BO if they are approaching danger they cannot see.

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    On our 95' Tower we have the platform crew "fly" it. When in use however our Tower Co. is REQUIRED to have the Chauffeur at the turntable (Or F/F if Chauffeur is running the pump). The reasons for allowing the platform crew to run it are as follows:

    1) We require two (2) personnel in bucket. 2 sets of eyes in the bucket are better than 1 on the turntable.
    2) Turntable operator has limited view of opposite side from pedestal location.
    3) In heavy smoke environments visibility is greatly reduced when your 85' from the platform your moving. The guys in the bucket can see things easier.
    4) In cases where immediate movements need to be made, there is no "time loss" when having to ask the Chauffeur to move the bucket. Very important when the bucket needs to be moved NOW for safety reasons (Imminent collapse, etc.) or rescue (Fire Fighter and/or civilian).
    5) When operating master streams the guys in the bucket have a better vantage point for directing the streams and this requires movement of the aerial.
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    Originally posted by Adze
    Turntable Operator should do the take-off and bedding. The Basket Operator should fly it. However, the TO should keep a close eye on the aerial device and override the BO if they are approaching danger they cannot see.
    What he said ...

    Stay Safe

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    I don't know...


    What he said ...


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    both should fly.
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    The basket person needs to run the controls. The turntable operator can not see from his/her vantage point what is going on. In retrospect, the turntable operator must be on constant vigil and the second set of eyes for the basket crew. There may be something obscured by smoke that can be seen from the turntable and not from above. But from a safety standpoint the crew in the bucket should operate after it clears the bed of the truck and continue operating until it is in a position to be bedded again. UNLESS...a safety concern arises.
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    Tower Ladders -
    Well after responding to more than 20,000 alarms on an Aerialscope attached to a Mack I have some opinions.
    Tools and equipment selected are put in bucket and chauffeur sets up
    Ovm or team enter bucket and chauffer takes them out of the cradle
    Because the whisker switch or electrical cut off to the bucket prevents the basket controls from functioning
    Chauffeur communicates that power is to the bucket and ovm team take over to objective.
    Bucket controls are usually electrical that run hydraulic spools and the turntable usually runs hydraulic spools directly THEREFOR finer movements can be accomplished by the turntable.
    Turntable person is now for safety and assistance. His periferal vision is better and less funneled.
    Turntable function is to 'TAKE OVER'
    unsafe conditions; under basket approaches; basket operators are occupied with other things. Taking up after all is done if ordered by the basket team.
    One time that the turntable should maintain control is basket leaving roof access on which is a parapet. His job is the safety of the cables and to see that the bucket that was lowered to the roof is not simply retracted and pull through the parapet that the basket operators cannot see.

    In short:
    Turntable - safety, out of cradle and into cradle, when asked by basket assigned personnel, when extremely fine movements must be made
    Basket - controls almost all the time

    Once you lose the building - become defensive - start tower water - who cares.
    1. Start at the origin floor of fire and work up
    2. Thought - "no one is going back into this thing and we are going to put it out and blow it down.
    3. Look for another vantage point for the tower don't be afraid to move it a few times during defensive work.

    Aww that is enough said.

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    20+ years working with a 75' 'scope' and a 75' LTI mid-mount. 111truck, you nailed it. Wouldn't change a thing you posted. Well done.

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    In our department we use both. The turn table operator is always there for saftey and observation and to lift and bed it. However, the platform operator is the main man. But the batt. chief has final say, every situation is different.

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