Friday, April 19, 2002


Free Demonstration of “Sandia Solution” for HAZMAT/Firefighters/First Responders/EMS/EMT and others in the Homeland Security initiative.

I ask graciously that you pass this information about EOTI’s FREE demonstration of the “Sandia Solution” on to as many HAZMAT/Firefighters/First Responders/EMT/Police and others involved in this Homeland Defense initiative as you can The demonstration will start at approximately 8am, Friday, April 26, 2002, at the Cobb County Police/Fire Training Academy (in Marietta, Georgia). There is no charge; this is simply a demonstration of a very popular product in the HAZMAT/WMD community, and EOTI is proud to be able to sponsor it at the Cobb County Training Academy.

I believe this free demonstration of the Sandia Solution by EOTI and Dynasty International strengthens the foundation of the Homeland Security initiative and we are glad to offer this public service.

We hope you take advantage of this free demonstration and pass the word to other HAZMAT/Fire/First Responded/EMD/Police precincts and units who may also want to see for themselves the “Sandia Solution” that has taken the Chem/Bio world by storm.

Best Regards,

Russell Shattles