On Tuesday April 23 at 2:41a.m. the Moulton Fire Department answered a call for assistace from the Hatton Fire Dept. to a Country Store Fire. Upon arrival by Moulton units at 3:06 we found a one story block/wood building approx. 75ft.x 100 ft. totally involved in fire. Units on the scene had used a 2.5 and numerous 1.75 handlines to try to knock the fire down.
The Moulton Fire Dept. helped with both interior and exterior attacks during the next 2 hours. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in approx. 35 minutes after arrival.
This Store building was one of the oldest and best liked businesses in the Hatton area.The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.This was a big loss to the Hatton business district.
Units from Moulton responding included the following:
Tanker 19,Engine 14,Chief 101 and 14 Personnel.