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    Question Opinions on Technology and the Fire Service?

    I am working on a thesis paper for my English class, and I am in need of YOUR opinions. My English teacher has been great about letting us choose our topics and approaches to this research paper. With this freedom to choose, I'm sure you can imagine the topic that I picked... "The American Fire Service."

    My thesis statement is "Firefighting has evolved from primitive practices to a technologically advanced trade."

    Okay, now, here's my question...

    What do YOU feel has been the most beneficial technological advancement for the fire service in the last few years, and why?

    Also, what do you think the future has in store for advancements in firefighting techniques, training, communications, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    Computer Aided Dispatch...or the fine tuning of it has enhanced our ability to respond to calls more efficiently. It allows for timely dispatching of the closest units and eliminates the guess work. Pumpers with teminals are linked to mapping systems that show addresses, hyrdants, preplans etc. More efficient resource management.

    I think the future will bring better PPE, improved, more reliable radio systems and better ways for firefighters to detemine the stability of the structure as well as pinpointing the fire problem before entering.
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    I belive the most benificial recent technology in the fire service is Thermal Imaging cameras. They greatly reduce search and rescue time,but they also cost alot of money. Thats my opinion anyway.

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    all these "technological advances" are great, but in my opinion, there are two things that have really improved over the last 20 years: the training and the equipment. not too long ago, firefighters fought fully-involved structure fires with just raincoats and construction helmets on. these brave men had no real training to speak of, just the will to fight fire and possibly save lives. now we have fire academies and classes at colleges, somethig unheard of even ten years ago. all these are concentrating on one thing: firefighting. how to do it, and how to stay safe while doing it. so the technology is nice, but without the training and PPEs, you wouldnt have anyone around to use it.

    as for the future? better training and possibly a way to prevent firefighter deaths and injuries on the line of duty all together. somebody out there has an idea that could possibly save thousands, even millions of firefighters worldwide from dying or getting injured. and i predict that one day, that idea will come to life.
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    the whole concern of saftey: now have REHAB, thermal imaging cameras, gear is better, training, radios- I know in my town dispatch use to call people when there was a call, or a siren went off, then we got plectrons, they were only good if you were home, then big portable pagers came, and now small ones, w/ vibrations, and repeaters. Trucks too can do more, more water, faster output, ect- you could go on forever
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