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Monday, April 22, 2002

2nd Alarm - WEST OSSIPEE, NH: 59 Corner Pond Road. Structural fire with extension into the woods. Forestry Units requested to scene with M/A to the scene and Station coverage. DWH *154.175* C603 [TAC9-C20]. 12:09a.m.

STLFN: WEBSTER GROVES (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Webster Groves FD *2nd Alarm* structure fire @ #45 E. Lockwood x Elm. Heavy fire in an unknown type structure. [STL899]. 1:12a.m.

LYNBROOK (NASSAU Co.), NY: ***3rd Alarm*** at 30 Doxie Place @ Atlantic Ave. Fire in a multi-story Senior Citizen occupied multiple dwelling. M/A lower Q/W of county. MNS-559 [MNS-30] * 1:55a.m.

Update - LYNBROOK (NASSAU Co.), NY: ***3rd Alarm*** at 30 Doxie Place @ Atlantic Ave. Multi-story Senior Citizen occupied multiple dwelling. Request multiple EMS with Oxygen to scene. Numerous aided in distress. MNS559 [MNS-30] * 2:10a.m.

Update - LYNBROOK (NASSAU Co.), NY: ***3rd alm*** at 30 Doxie Pl. @ Atlantic Ave. multi-story Senior Citizen occupied multiple dwelling with heavy fire top floor & thru roof. Numerous M/A FDs. MNS-559 O/S [MNS-30] * 2:28a.m.

STLFN: WEBSTER GROVES (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Webster Groves FD has requested a 3rd and 4th Alarms for the fire at 45 East Lockwood. Details on the structure are not available. Many Move-ups have been made. [STL819]. 2:29a.m.

STLFN: WEBSTER GROVES (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO. Update on Webster Groves FD's 4th Alarm fire at 45 East Lockwood. St. Louis City FD PUMPERS: 31, 22, 6 & BC803 have responded to the fire. [STL819]. 2:48a.m.

STLFN: WEBSTER GROVES (ST. LOUIS Co.), MO: Update on Webster Groves FDs 4th Alarm at 35 East Lockwood. STLFD DC810 reports all St. Louis City FD Companies have been released and are returning to the city. [STL819]. 3:35a.m.

Update LYNBROOK (NASSAU Co.), NY: ***3rd Alarm*** at 30 Doxie Pl. @ Atlantic Ave. Multi-story Sr. Citizen occupied multiple dwelling with fire top floor & thru roof. TL knocked down fire lines into building. Sr. Citizens relocated - transported to hospital. MNS-559 O/S [MNS-30]. 3:46a.m.

Update LYNBROOK (NASSAU Co.), NY: ***3rd Alarm*** 30 Doxie Pl. A Sr. Citizen occupied multiple dwelling. Reported 1 (10-45 Code-1 DOA). MNS-559/434 [MNS-30] * 5:02a.m.

COLUMBUS, OH: Working fire+ at 562 Edwin St (Bottoms). A 1-story single-family dwelling with heavy fire resulting from an *explosion*. Unconfirmed reports of a firebombing. Sides 2 + 3 blown away. Defensive operations only. Utilities, Arson & Building Dept. all en-route. No injuries. [FPO/D260](c). 5:40a.m.

STLFN: WEBSTER GROVES (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: Update Webster Groves FDs *4th Alarm* @ #45 E. Lockwood x Elm. 2-story 100x100 Printing Co. Heavy fire thru roof with wall collapse. Defensive operations. Fire now under control. 3 Aerials up & hitting hot spots at this time. [STL899]. 6:09a.m.

2nd Alarm - COHASSET, MA: 100 Pond Street, Unit #42. Structure fire. M/A to scene & for coverage. *154.265* C06 [TAC9-C461]. 8:17a.m.

STLFN: (00:00hrs) CENTREVILLE (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Golden Gardens FD was on scene of a house fire with people possibly trapped @ 4018 Delrose Dr. Alorton and Midway FDs responded on M/A. Move-ups were made. Red Cross was on the scene. Searches were negative for the reported trapped victims. Fire was under control in 30 minutes. *FINAL* (STL 835). 8:56a.m.

STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* b/o P-30 at 5734 Maple x Clara. 2-story brick residence with fire showing from the 2nd floor. One line off so far. PUMPERS: 30, 13, 28, 24, H&L15, BC 805, 806, Squad-2. [STL825]. 5:20p.m.

2nd Alarm SOUTHBRIDGE, MA: Southbridge & Coombs Streets. Structural fire - Sturbridge FD Engine & Truck. M/A to the scene. *154.145* C612 [TAC9-C20]. 5:21p.m.

3rd Alarm SOUTHBRIDGE, MA: Coombs x Southbridge Streets - Structural fire. M/A to the scene and coverage. *154.145* C612/C319/C32 [TAC9-C20]. 5:51p.m.

2nd Alarm - on arrival - HILL, NH: on Axetel Rd. OIC reports building fully involved. Several towns M/A. *159.900* [TAC9-C101]. 6:48p.m.


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This report is complied by FirePage Ohio Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0621
Columbus: W/F 562 Edwin St. W/F by FAO. 1 sty Ranch. Cos: Eng 10 (River Rats), 17, Lad 10, Res17cuE, Med 10, BN 5. RIC: Eng 12, Med 17, EMS 15. FPO/D260

- 0624
Columbus: W/F 562 Edwin St. Lad 10 reports fire is from an explosion. East side of house blown away. BN 5 reports defensive mode. S/C Utilities & Arson on a rush. Eng 17 protecting exposures. FPO/D260

- 0635
Columbus: W/F 562 Edwin St. Structure is in danger of collapse. Fire K/D with no extension. Holsing all companies. No report on searches. FPO/D260

- 0803
Columbus: W/F 562 Edwin St. BN 5 (Hacket) reports 1 Code 1 (DOA). Needs all necessary notifications be made. FPO/260/D284

- 1353
Bloomingburg (Fayette): W/F 11928 SR 38 NE. "Old Yatesville School". Sta 400, Squad 1 enroute. M/A Range Twp (Sta 340), Jeffersonville (Sta 500). FPO/D223

- 1944
Columbus: W/F 1915 Ole Coventry Rd East. Cos: Eng 4, 181 (Madison Twp), 32, Lad 23, 32, Res4cuE, Med 23, BN 181, 6. 2 sty apt bldg. FPO/D284

- 1948
Columbus: W/F 1915 Ole Coventry Rd East. RIC: Eng 21, EMS 16, Med 4, SO 2. BN 6 (Bishop) has command. Eng 181 to lay in to Eng 4. Fire on 1st floor. FPO/D284

- 2012
Columbus: W/F 1915 Old Coventry Rd East. BN 6 reports fire K/D. Holding Eng 4, 181, Lad 23, Res4cuE, BN 6. FPO/D284

- 2121
Youngstown: W/F Box # 3666 @ 2087 Vaughn St. Fully involved house fire. Cos: Eng 12, 6, 7, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. FPO/D256

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NEFNN CONNECTICUT FIRE LOG (http://www.nefnn.com)
-by Scott Harris


0901 W/F MILFORD CONN 45 Pond Point Rd cellar fire

1055 W/F WILLIMANTIC CONN Box 4223 134 Church St 2.5-story garage


2344 W/F MANSFIELD CONN Valley View Dr (off Rte 44) mobile home fully involved (1 fatality at the scene)


1530 EXTENSIVE BRUSH FIRE HARTFORD/WINDSOR CONN in Keney Park near the golf course - 6 departments operated on scene and "Trooper-1" (CT State Police helo) provided water drops with water from the Conn River

1815 W/F NEW HAVEN CONN 99 Marvel Rd 2-story frame - fire floor #2


1900 ACW NEW BRITAIN CONN 129 Connecticut Ave 3-story OMD - fire floor #1


1509 W/F HARTFORD CONN 201 Buckingham St 3-story brick OMD - cellar fire


0201 3rd ALM CANTON CONN 146 Powder Mill Rd "Inertia Dynamics" 1-story 150x75 industrial factory building fully involved with roof collapse - exterior ops

1300 W/F NEW BRITAIN CONN 335 Myrtle St 3-story frame OMD


1501 ACW HAMDEN CONN 81 Gorham Ave 2.5-story frame - exterior porch fire

1744 ACW NEWINGTON CONN 70 Cherry Hill Rd attic fire in a private dwelling


0831 W/F SOMERS CONN 84 Dillenback Rd barn fire fully involved

1311 W/F NORWICH CONN (Occum) 99 Hanson Rd barn fire




On Monday, April 22, 2002 at 1328 hours twenty-nine companies of Firefighters, six Battalion Command Teams, four Helicopters and three Rescue Ambulances from the LAFD, one Helicopter and four Camp Crews from LACOFD under the command of Assistant Chief R. J. DeFeo responded to a major emergency brush fire near Yosemite Drive and La Roda Avenue in the Eagle Rock area. First units on scene reported approximately two acres of grass and medium brush burning slowly in an uninhabited area south of Eagle Rock High School and east of Occidental College. Firefighters using handlines and aided by water drops confined the fire to approximately ten acres. An undetermined number of students from the high school were evacuated by school officials from bungalow classrooms on the outlying portion of the campus in the vicinity of the fire and sheltered in the main school building without injury. The fire was extinguished in one hour and forty-two minutes. A thirty-five year old male employee of the high school was transported to a local hospital in stable condition with moderate smoke inhalation. No other injuries were reported. No structures were damaged. The cause of the fire is incendiary.


Robert Collis
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room EOC-423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: rlc1679@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


Brooklyn, N.Y. 04/22/02 @ 20:15 hrs.
Ocean Hill Section

Box 1615
location: On Utica Ave.
between: Dean St. & Bergen St.

1615 @ 20:11
Engs. 227, 214, 233
Lads. 111, 176
Batt. 37 s/c
Rescue #2 assigned

10 - 75 - 1615 @ 20:14
Ladder 113 is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 231
Squad Co. #252
Batt. 44 Division 15

Fire Building:
2 Story Frame 20 x 50
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Similar Type attach
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 1 Story Garage 15 x 15

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 1615 @ 20:18
Batt. 37 reports, Using all - hands for a fire on the 2nd. floor of a 2 story frame dwelling. We have 2 - lines stretched, 1 - line in operation. Trucks are "Opening Up" Fire's Doubtful.

@ 20:18 Special Call an add. Engine & Truck. Eng. 283 & Lad. 120 s/c

@ 20:32
Division 15: All visible fire is knocked down. Trucks are still "Opening Up" Primary search of the top floor is negative. Probably Will Hold.

@ 20:50
Division 15: Secondary searches still in progress. Trucks still "Opening Up" Fire is still "Probably Will Hold."

@ 20:53
Division 15: Secondary searches are negative in the fire bldg. Fire is now UnderControl.




for April 22nd:

1912: The Marine Division of the Department was created, consisting of E-16 & E-39 - Captain James N. Robb, E-4, was placed in command, to report to the Chief Engineer @ Headquarters. (TUH)

1912: High Pressure Service Hose Co#1 was organized & placed in active service in the quarters of Water Tower #2, Gay St, south of Baltimore St, Downtown East - Lieutenant Peter J. Lynch, E-32, was their 1st officer - They received a new Mack AB Model Junior Size motor chassis equipped as a hose wagon with (3) monitor pipes, (2) high pressure heads, 2000' 3" hose, & (1) 6 gallon extinguisher - The wooden hose body was built by Leonhardt - They were disbanded on 6/30/1971, 0700hrs, & their 1947 Mack 85 hose wagon was sent to E-34 on S Caroline St, Southeast Of Downtown, to be maintained fully equipped in reserve - Their crew was sent to man & organize E-59 - Their last response was on 6/29/1971 @ 1753hrs to Box#573, Calvert & Baltimore Sts, Downtown - Their last response to an additional alarm was on 6/19/1971 @ 0116hrs to 3rd alarm Box#5221, Conway & Light Sts, Inner Harbor (Downtown South). (WS*TUH)

1912: High Pressure Hose Co#2 was organized & placed in active service in the quarters of T-2, Paca St, north of Fayette St, Downtown West - Lieutenant Louis R. Bell, T-1, was their 1st officer - They received an identical hose wagon as Hose Co#1 as described above - On 11/5/1921 they relocated to the quarters of E-15, on Lombard St (site of present day Steadman Station, southside) - On 4/27/1964 they relocated to the quarters of E-1, on Paca St, south of Mulberry St, Downtown Northwest - They also were disbanded on 6/30/1971, 0700hrs, & their 1947 Mack 85 hose wagon was sent to T-11, @ 401 W North Ave, Mount Royal (Northwest Of Downtown), to be maintained fully equipped in reserve - Their crew was sent to man & organize E-1 - Their last response was on 6/29/1971 @ 0647hrs to Box#314, Howard & Centre Sts, Downtown Northwest - Their last response to an additional alarm was on 6/19/1971 @ 0116hrs to 3rd alarm Box#5221, Conway & Light Sts, Inner Harbor (Downtown South). (WS*TUH)

1940: 8 Alarms - 6-6-62 & 2-2-6223 - 0441hrs - 102-110 E Cross St - South Baltimore - Fire involved the 4 story brick Four Besche Brothers furniture warehouse - Smoke was billowing from the loaded storage building, & Acting BC-6 Charles H. Strahler, Captain E-17, sounded the 2nd alarm @ once - The Members of T-6 were ventilating on the rooftop when flames shot through the roof & cut off their escape via the aerial ladder - They had a 12' scaling ladder with them & placed it over the wall, climbed down & jumped from the last rung to the roof of a 2 story dwelling @ 1040 Compton St - Acting DC-2, Lorenz A. Dolle, sounded the 6th alarm as fire roared through the warehouse & extended into the main store @ 1041-1047 Light St - Acting Chief Engineer George D. Otter ordered a 2nd alarm (8th alarm) from adjacent Box#6223 before the fire was brought under control - Injured were Lieutenant Charles Brown, E-4, Firefighters Edward Leary & Richard Schafer, T-1, Edward L. R. Smith, E-2, Edward Grahe, Hose Co#4, George Eberlinger, E-37, & Lieutenant Herbert B. Campbell, Salvage Corps #3, who was internally injured when he fell - He died on 7/14/1940 from his injuries. (TUH)

1941: 3 Alarms - Box#436 - 1505hrs - 117-121 S Paca St - Downtown West - An explosion & fire involved the 4 story brick Universal Wax & Chemical Company & fire was shooting from every window - (3) men could be seen through the yellow acrid smoke, trapped on the roof & ready to jump - 1 in fact did not wait, but climbed down the face of the building, hand over hand, to safety - Lieutenant Elmer W. Kesting & Firefighters John Fleishman & Frank McLaughlin climbed #2 Hayes aerial ladder, reached the 2 men & brought them down to safety - When the explosion was heard, witnesses said a man was blown out of a 2nd floor window, landed on his feet in the middle of Paca St, & disappeared toward Pratt St in no time - Acting BC-5 John Fairley, Captain E-15, sounded the 2nd alarm @ once & DC-1, George D. Otter, the 3rd alarm - The blaze was surrounded by monitor & Baker street pipes & the fire extinguished but not before the building was reduced to a shell. (TUH)

1958: 6 Alarms - Box#6838 - 1515 Open St - Curtis Bay (South Baltimore) - Fire involved the Kavanaugh Products Corporation. (CHM1)

1973: 4 alarms - Box#328 - 1833hrs - Mosher & Division Sts - Upton (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved the 100 year old 4 story brick Immaculate Conception Church & a 2nd alarm was sounded @ 1837hrs, 3rd alarm @ 1849hrs, & 4th alarm @ 1901hrs - (3) fires had been set inside the building by arsonists who fled by jumping from a high window - The old church was being demolished anyway, & the raging flames consumed what would burn - Only the walls remained standing for the wrecking ball. (TUH)

1973: A silent alarm @ 2114hrs dispatched T-17, transferred to T-11's quarters due to the 4th alarm @ Box#328, to The Esplanade, 2525 Eutaw Pl, Reservoir Hill (Northwest Of Downtown) - The balustraded platform projecting from the front of the 4 story townhouse had suddenly collapsed, leaving a 24 year old female occupant hanging by her finger tips @ the 3rd floor level - Firefighters deftly maneuvered the long tiller truck into position & made the rescue, bringing her down the aerial ladder to the ground - The Fire Board commended Lieutenant Robert C. Snyder, & Firefighters Donald Heinbuch, Joseph W. Miller, & Arthur Compost, Jr. for saving the woman's life. (TUH)

1976: 7 Alarms - 6-6-3161 & Box#371 - 1533hrs - 1001 N Gilmor St - Sandtown/Winchester (Northwest Of Downtown) - Acting Lieutenant James C. Jackson, E-8, observed a column of smoke blossoming in the near distance & called over the station intercom for Box#3161 to be sounded @ 1533hrs - The vacant Regal Empire Laundry building on the northeast corner of Mosher & Gilmor Sts was on fire - A solitary workman was inside, engaged in dismantling a maze of pipework when sparks from his acetylene torch set the ancient wood beams under the roof on fire - When firefighters pulled down the folding stairway to the cockloft of the half block long red brick building it was full of fire - Acting BC-4 Eugene Smith, Captain E-18, ordered the 2nd alarm @ 1545hrs, 3rd alarm @ 1548hrs, & 4th alarm @ 1552hrs - The 4 story high building was built in 1891 for the Gilmor Street Cable Car line & later converted into a church by The Epworth Methodist Congregation who added a steeple - Smoke & flames billowed from the upper windows & roof dormers, completely consuming the entire pitched slate roof & steeple, which finally collapsed into a heap - Acting DC George L. Klein, BC-31, sounded the 5th alarm @ 1555hrs & the 6th alarm @ 1558hrs - The hot fire was surrounded with (4) aerial ladder pipes & numerous multi-versal nozzles from the street level - When the flames leaped 50' high & over nearby rooftops on Mosher & Strickers Sts, Acting DC Klein ordered adjacent Box#371 (7th alarm), which was located in front of the burning building, sounded @ 1601hrs - The Baltimore City Police Department's "Foxtrot" helicopter, hovering over the scene, reported 1 of the nearby rowhouse rooftops was burning - Nearly 200 firefighters gave battle & prevented the fire from reaching a north section that was added to the original building in 1931 when the laundry occupied it, but the fire did extensive damage to the added east wing - Chief Deputy Herbert W. Catterton said the fire was under control about 1.5hrs after being discovered - (4) firefighters suffered wounds while overhauling the gutted out cavernous building - Lieutenant John E. Linton, E-55, was struck by a falling beam & hurt his back, Firefighter Michael Semacek, E-32, cut his hand, & Ronald Sauerhoff, E-55, & Pump Operator Albert Cook, E-1, were all treated @ Mercy Hospital - While responding on the 2nd alarm, the 1961 International Hi-Ranger Snorkel, Water Tower#1, collided with a moving automobile @ Lombard & Carey Sts, & did not continue to the fire where it was sorely needed - Uninjured in the crash were Lieutenant Frederick Ruff & Driver William Mull. (TUH*CHM1)

1985: 2 Alarms + Special Call 1 Truck - Box#8865 - 1332hrs - 4940-4946 Denmore Ave - Pimlico (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire started in a dwelling @ 4940 & spread to 4942, doing heavy damage to both - The fire also damaged the cornices of 4944 & 4946 - (2) firefighters were injured - (Note: Companies with a "*" have since been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 1332hrs = E-29, E-46, E-45, E-52, *T-22*, T-27, & *BC-11* - Working fire @ 1335hrs = AirFlex-1 (Now Air Cascade-1) & Medic-14 - Special call @ 1341hrs = T-12 - 2nd alarm @ 1343hrs = E-44, E-21, *E-25*, E-40, T-25, *T-9*, T-2 (Snorkel), Rescue-1, *Mobile Hospital Unit-1*, Medic-16, Fire Investigation Bureau, *BC-9* (Now BC-4), & *DC-1* (Now Shift Commander) - Special call @ 1418hrs = Medic-15 - Special call @ 1421hrs = Medic-11 - Fire under control @ 1414hrs. (TGA)

2000: 2 Alarms - Box#T5-3 - 0142hrs - 2038 Federal St - Northeast Of Downtown - Fire involved a 3 story brick rowhouse - 1st alarm @ 0142hrs = E-33, E-6, *E-24*, E-51, T-15, T-5, & BC-2 - Working fire @ 0147hrs = Rescue-1, Air Cascade-2, & BC-5 - 2nd alarm @ 0211hrs = E-2 from E-6, *E-19*, T-3 from T-15, & T-1 (Snorkel) - Fire under control @ 0232hrs - "D" Shift. (TGA)

2001: 2 Alarms - Box#30-33 - 0532hrs - 3043 Stafford St - Southwest Baltimore - Fire involved a 2 story dwelling - 1st alarm @ 0532hrs = E-30, E-14, E-55, E-36, T-8, T-23, & BC-3 - 2nd Alarm @ 0539hrs = E-8 (disabled), E-47, E-23, T-10, T-2, Rescue-1, Air Cascade-1, & BC-2 - Fire under control @ 0655hrs - "B" Shift. (TGA)

2001: 2 Alarms - Box#20-13 - 1913hrs - 2917 W Lanvale St - West Baltimore - Fire involved a 2 story brick rowhouse - 1st alarm @ 1913hrs = E-20, E-36, E-8, E-53, T-18, T-10, & BC-3 - 2nd alarm @ 1918hrs = E-52, E-13, T-8, T-16, Rescue-1, Air Cascade-1, & BC-2 - Fire under control @ 1932hrs - "B" Shift. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



This sight contains a lot of good fire pictures. For those of us do not understand what the term of greater fire means in LA. This shows some picture of them.

Click here: CHIBI Photos



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