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    Web Team-
    While participating in a recent forum, I had an idea for a new forum. Somefolks here in the Firehouse.com Community have problems with others "posting for personal gain". I personally see this as bull. We all are brothers here and I feel we need to support each other as much as we can. I recently posted a thread about what others did as a second job, outside of there Full Time/Volly fire job. I would like to see a Forum for people to post conatct information and advertise for their business and job(s). This would permit someone to promote themselves and/or their business. As I said, if I need a tree cut down, I would contact a brother who did it as a side /full time job first. This would be the perfect place to find that info. Just an idea.
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    We're sorry, but posting or promoting businesses is not permitted on the forums. It creates far more problems than benefits. You are free to discuss what you do, but we can't permit promoting your own business. It creates issues in people discussing their products, countering others products, etc.


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