Hello to all. My name is Peter Davies. I live in Lynchburg, VA. Yes, it is where Jerry Fallwell has his "evil empire." Oh well, that's another story. There are still people that need to be treated by EMS and the Fire Department. I am an EMT-B and I test for FF1 May 30th. Any suggestions? I would like to leave Lynchburg and work professionally with a fire department somewhere, anywhere. I am 18, born in November, I like to exercise and other such physical activities. I volunteer with the Lynchburg Life Saving Crew which was established in 1934. I would be interested in getting to know anyone that is interested in getting to know me. I'll trade patches, war stories, and information with anyone who wants to. I hope everyone is having a good day. Please stay safe and remember why we do what we do. I look forward to meeting you all. Thanks

Peter H. Davies