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    Default Website subscription

    Found this link on withthecommand.com thought i might be interesting to some.


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    Just to clarify since its the obvious intent of the other site to make it seem like we're charging for our existing content...

    Virtually all of the MembersZone is new services and content ... check out http://www.firehouse.com/members/

    No one should ever worry as the main news, forums, links, etc. will always be free for ALL users ...

    You will note the article mentions Firehouse.com is not profitable, and while the MembersZone is new content, the subscriptions to it will indeed help the ENTIRE site grow.

    Thanks for your continued support...


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    For those of us that still are not sure if we want to part with that amount of money, will any type of free trial be offered to allow us a day or to to explore the site and decide if subscribing to the members zone is right for us? I think that might help a lot of those (like me) who are undecided right now...

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