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    Default Meal Replacements

    I wanted to know if anyone has had any allergic reactions to Meal Replacment shakes like MYOPLEX or any other ones. I have had reactions to Protein shakes, power bars (of any kind), and MYOPLEX. I thought maybe it was soy or whey protein but I went and finally had an allergy test done after a severe reaction to MYOPLEX and didn't test positive to any of these. The only food allergies I have is to peanuts, lima beans, peas, and lobster. I read all labels before I drink or eat any of this stuff because of peanuts or peanut oil, etc. If anyone knows anything about this, let me know and if you know of some other type of meal replacement that will work.

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    Wink Warrior Bar - Meal Replacement

    Try the meal replacement that im using now ..the Warriro Bar.. that is the best meal replacement that you can choose in graham,banana,pumpkin...
    try visit the defensenutrion.com for more info in this product... i lose weight dude in just 2 weeks...

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    I use a meal replacement shake it tastes a heck of a lot better than myoplex and they have meal replacement cookies too. Heres the site to order from www.3forfree.bodybyvi.com I like it because its affordable $49 for 30 shakes.

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    First, I think it's important to realize you can't 'replace' a good, sound meal with a 'shake.' I suggest you make it part of your meal. Now, what have I had success with? What I do is get some Carnation Instant Breakfast, and add a scoop of whey protien, put in something to give it flavor or pizzaz (fruit, yogurt, etc.) and some milk and ice. Mix it up! Good stuff! In a side note, I'd stay away from Soy Protein if you are a male. Studies have concluded that soy contains a psuedo-estrogen. Yes, soy protein is cheaper than whey protein, but if your'e a male, it's counter productive.
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