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    Question What is Next?

    Hello Again my fellow D.O.D Brethren.I am active in the Cert program and had a question about what class to take next. I have just finished off the fire Officer I Level for Certification. Being that I am a GS-06 and Capt is afew years away, any thing I take now is just icing on the cake. I was wondering what would be a good class to take next. It seems that the material in the II level is repetative to the Officer I course it all makes for some "Dry" Reading. What do you all recomend.
    May 08 2002
    Herb, thanks for the help but the reason why I ask is becase I am currenlty certified above my current officers. I respect there experience, however they were all Grandfathered into there positions. So advice on test taking in the cert systen is Nill if any. We are a small facility. We don't even have a Computer to do the Cert practice tests on. I order the test read the course material and go take the written exam. It was'nt untill a recent transfer from an AF base that I could even take the practicals. Nobody at my base was certified.. As for the dry reading, I think that these courses ask the same Questions over and over again.. Sort of like the Movie "Ground hogs Day". I wish there was more money for training, so I could go down to Bucks County or other instalations to get ahead. At this facility you will only get sent to school if you do not posses the certification for the position you currenlty hold.
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    When you say that you have finished off the Fire Officer I Cert I am assuming that you mean all the certs needed for the officer level. If not then you need to be Taking the Fire Instructor and Fire Inspector I certs also since they are also required to fill the Officer POsition. If you have finished all three then I would suggest that you look around at the current officers and see what their areas of knowledge are. They should be mentoring the firefighters, but we all know that it is hit and miss. But find that area and then ask them to help you in fprwarding that knowledge with you in the appropiate sert, especially if it is a "Dry subject" since they should be able to breath a little experience and life into it.

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