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    Hi All,

    I have a story to share with you all that has kept a smile on my face all week. Tuesday night (04.23.02), some friends and I were at a local restaurant having dinner after work. As we were giving our order, a man came in and whispered in my ear that a car had rolled over outside. I ran out the door (my coworkers thought I had lost my mind ) and went to my car. I got out the first aid kit I keep in the car and ran to the accident. A minivan was on its roof facing westbound in an eastbound lane. I checked the van for any fuel leaks, found none, and attempted to make contact with the driver. He was unresponsive and all I could see through the crushed window was the bottom of his shoes. His wife had come out of the other side of the car. She had a deep wound on her left elbow and was bleeding seriously. I got the bleeding stopped, asked her questions to check her coherence, and cleaned her up. A woman came and told me that the driver was awake and said he was not hurt but was pinned. I told her to tell him to stay put and not move. To make an already long story short, both people walked away from the crash. It was the first time I had ever treated anybody and I felt the ultimate satisfaction. I'm sure all of you know what that feels like, but to me it is a new feeling and is by far the best I've ever felt. I realize that there are accidents where this is not the case but I felt a pride unlike any other . Three teenagers in a Mustang were speeding, failed to pass the van, and flipped it. The teens in the Mustang had all fled on foot, so they were not on the scene at the time. It was good to know that I was able to help somebody in their time of need. Thanks for letting me share this story with you all.
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    As a firefighter and EMT I have stopped and helped many times after either witnessing or coming on an accident that just happened. On occassion you have that call like you relayed where your being there was able to provide a bit of help for the folks immediately. the outcome is positive and you feel good.

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    i think its safe to say thats why we are all in this, because of the feeling you get when you make even the smallest difference.

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