With IFFD just a week away there is growing media interest in the "Sound Off" to be held on International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) this Saturday 4th of May.

For those people unfamiliar with the Sound Off concept it is the sounding of our fire sirens for 30 seconds at local noon in memory of, and respect for, all firefighters who have been lost in the line of duty or passed on before us. This can be followed by a minute's silence.

A global Sound Off is an excellent manner to attract media and community attention to the role, committment and sacrifices of firefighters. It is giving us all a chance to reflect on the firefighters who have lost their lives in the last twelve months, particularly those on September 11th, in a very fitting firefighter tribute.

Media will be able to "follow" the Sirens for firefighters from country to country at each one's local noon - showing all the different cultures and apparatus joined together for a common goal - the rememberence of the sacrifices of past firefighters.

Please REGISTER your Sound Off (and any links to events such as Open Days, Fire Expos and / or major media campaigns) in the World Calendar at the IFFD website www.futureweb.com.au/edmondson so other people in your country or department might be able to co-ordinate with you. Media will also be encouraged to check the calendar for local contacts of personnel they can approach for stories. The website will also include a sample media release in the next couple of days which can be modified to promote the event in your own communities.

Please record your support of International Firefighters' Day on the website in the guestbook, calendar and forums and spread the word to your local communities and fire services.

Take Care and Stay Safe