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    Default Fire Truck Christening Ceremony

    I'm Lookin' for some help. I need the the details of the Fire Truck christening ceremony. Thanks Cort Costello Cy-Fair V.F.D Station 2

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    Question Wet Downs

    I've never been to one, but they're reffered to as "Wet Downs" on the east coast. You might have better luck getting a reply if you started a topic under the "Wet Downs" name and placed it in the "fire Buffs Firehouse" topic section.

    Good luck.

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    For most of the wet downs I've been to, they went kind of like this.
    Truck shined up and parked on ramp.
    Company in dress uniforms.
    Fire chief and/or politicians making a couple short speeches ("thanks to Bob for his tireless hours researching the new truck, yada, yada, yada")
    Chaplain blessing the truck.
    Somebody (usually an officer and maybe an older member) christan the truck with a bottle of champaign.
    Lots of food and beer afterwards.
    "Testing" the pump (and the pumps on the other trucks around, if you catch my meaning).
    I've also seen souvenier t-shirts or beer mugs given out or sold at the wet down.

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    A weedeater, some Cool Whip and Elizabeth Hurley is another good way to "christen" a rig!
    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    I agree with Stayback :-) This is how a TRUE wet down is.
    Your truck is outside of the bay, and the doors closed w/ the other rigs inside. Let the truck run it's warning lights and let the other FD's "Drive by" and wet down the truck. And park and let other FD's wet the truck down. Then take the truck for a ride w/ other Department's members. To show it off. Forget all that policial BS just enjoy yourself. Thats how I look at it. best of luck to your company and let it come back with all the memebers it responded with!
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    No one has yet to mention the "Housing" ceremony. I don't know if that's what you mean.

    We "house" our trucks when new by having neighboring fire companies push the truck into the garage 3 times.
    1) For God
    2) For Country
    3) For Company

    Full lights and sirens as it's backed in. Usually followed by one hell of a party with mugs and T-shirts sold.
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    I had the honor and pleasure of placing a new engine in service a couple of months ago. We held a ceremony for crew members and their families in which the history of the company since 1772 (it is the oldest company in the city) was briefly detailed, the new engine and its' entire crew was blessed by the department chaplain. The water was transferred from the tank of the old engine into the tank of the new. As captain, I reported to the Chief of Department that all equipment had been mounted, the water tank filled, and the members trained. At that time he called the fire alarm dispatch office on the air and declared the new Engine 1 in service. Fire Alarm repeated the chief's order stating, "New Engine One in service, 0924 hours, May 20, 2002". That was it and as far as I know, the first new apparatus having any type of ceremony in our department's history. Most of the time the old apparatus was simply taken to the repair shop and the new one moved into its' place with little or no fanfare. I hope I have started something here that will continue, but that will be up to the captain of each company.

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