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    Default Driver Training for POV's

    Do any departments do driver training or any type of training for personnel operating personal vehicles either in response to scene or to station with or without courtesy warning lights??

    I heard about a case in Michigan where a volunteer was involved in a fatal car-pedestrian while responding with a (blue) light and that the chief and the training officer were also held accountable due to lack of training??? Is there any truth to this....Does anyone have further info about it?? Thanks.

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    Lightbulb Info you want....info you get

    From the DETNEWS.COM
    Michigan April 2000

    GROSSE ILE TOWNSHIP -- The family of a Grosse Ile woman who was killed in a car crash with a volunteer firefighter racing to an emergency situation has filed a $10-million lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court.

    Their lawsuit accuses volunteer firefighter Russell Bodrie of reckless driving for running a red light when the collision occurred, and township officials of being negligent in the training of volunteer firefighters.

    The entire article can be viewed at:


    Food for thought everyone.....drive carefully when responding in your POV....it may come back and BITE you!

    I haven't seen what the results of this case were....anyone know?
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    On the way to the station. Really. It's 12 kilometers away and there's traffic.


    I think most chiefs and administrators are loath to give EVO training for personal vehicles because they figure that they then stand to be liable if Joe Wacker goes through a red light at eighty miles an hour and knocks a school bus over.

    Having taken the NAPD course via my EMT class, though, I must say I am all for having every driver on your department take NAPD or whatever the equivalent is in your area. My driving has become much more smooth since applying the skills taught me by the NAPD course, and I know it's gotten me out of at least a couple hairy incidents that would have otherwise been major crashes. And that's talking about responding in department apparatus - NAPD has smoothed out my daily driving in my personal vehicle too.
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