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    Smile Hey

    Hey everyone im new to this all too. I am a new EMT-B, I have grown up in a fire family and I hope to get my fire 1 certification this summer and maybe next year my paramedic?? who knows!

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    Hey welcome to the board. I'm new to this board also and I've omly been a FF since july. Oh there's plenty of good advice tips and other subject matter in the forums so go look around.
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    Default Welcome

    To the fellow Firefighers.....
    Welcome to the world of old man fire

    To the EMTs.......
    Welcome to the wonderful world of tapeing, injecting, and carring bodys around.

    In the world of Fire/EMS usely we do not get along. But hey this is all diffrent states combined, so what the hell? Right.
    EMT and Fireman welcome to the "wonderful" world of public service
    I have been a Junior Firefighter sense I was 14, 4 years latter I am on Probation and I am just getting off now. Nice huh?
    Enjoy your new life. And take care of yourself and each other.
    Your Fellow Brother
    Dan M. B.
    NJ State Firefighter 1
    Passaic County Fire Acadamy
    Class of 2001
    "Let's Not Forget Our Fallen Heroes"

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    Yeah, um, what ever dude. Fire and EMS get along just fine. Hell, half the fireman I know are Paramedics. Guess it is that junior firefighting thing getting in your way, to much time spent washing the engine in the sun eh? {Just messing with you.}

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    Hi EMTSweetie,

    Welcome to the forums and don't mind Fireman61. He might try to hit on you but you can always stick him with a needle .

    Stay safe.
    Proud to be an American.

    "No animals were used in the posting of this thread. Two sticks of bubble gum and a hulahoop yes, animals no..."

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