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    Default When I'm the Chief...

    I wrote this story in another forum area a while back, but I was thinking I ought to post it here.
    I was at a retirement luncheon for a veteran firefighter who had chosen to remain a roughneck for his entire career. He was a good firefighter, experienced, and well respected by everyone who knew him.
    He was sitting next to an Assistant Chief who he had gone through drill school with and they were chatting about the glory days and how much things had changed since they came on the job.
    The veteran roughneck said to the AC, "Remember all those things you said you were going change when you became Chief?"
    The AC replied, "What things?"
    The veteran roughneck got a sad look on his face and said, "That's what I thought."
    As you move up the ladder, try to keep the perspective of the boys at the bottom. The view is very clear down here near the floor.
    See You At The Big One

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    Thumbs up Great story!

    I liked that one George! I hope you're taking notes so that things will be A-1 with the CFD in 2015!

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