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    i thought the program was good and very informitive about the technical aspects of the collapse. Just a question to ponder: If we fortify our buildings to withstand the impact of a 767 fully loaded with jet fuel is that really living in freedom, or is it living in a constant state of war. I think it was amazing the towers stood as long as they did and had there been no fire would probably still be standing today.

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    You make a fresh point. If we all sat in a room and thought of all the sick things people can do to a building (and thus didn't build until we knew of a way to protect against all of it), we wouldn't get S#!t built. And we would stop living.

    I disagree with those who think or imply that shortcuts (material/economical in nature) were made in engineering the WTC. Budgets are not synonimous with shortcuts. And the nature and progressiveness the towers had at that time would indicate to me that no compromises to safety were committed. They were a risk just by their size, and builders made them the best they knew how.

    Why is the term of the forum "pencil-pushing-(insert own term/explicative)?!?!?!?! Architects and engineers - especially involved in such a project - are educated and talented individuals. Don't hang them because they don't have firefighter mentalities.

    DZ Wrote:
    I dare them to show there face and say how bad THEY FEEL
    Did you watch the entire program, DZ? The head engineer does feel terrible about what happened. And you know what...he shouldn't. Your sick joy in wanting innocent and good-willing persons to suffer is very un-firefighter, unprofessional, and unhuman. The people you direct it towards do NOT deserve it. The terrorists do.

    My last point (allow me to get emotional) I'm frickin appauled and ANGRY that the engineers are blamed at all. Bin Laden caused the towers to collapse. End of story.
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    First of all. If what I said has offended anyone I'm sorry. But the attack on New York as well as D.C. and the ones that lost there life in the plane In Pitts. really bothers me, as well as many others. The title of this tread is "What did you think of the PBS special "Why the towers fell?"" So I expressed what I felt. I'm no engineer or know a whole bunch of what they do. Me calling them name may be unfair, will I take it back? Wish I could, but it is said, so I will have to stick by it, right or wrong. Sound silly dosn't it. I'm not polically correct and my spelling needs help. But as being unfirefighter I don't think so. Say what you want but if you don't like people expression then don't title a thead in a question. As I have said before the best thing about this whole forum is we all to express our feelings. And we wont agree. Heck we can't get the three shifts at one station to agree. how can we expect hundreds of firefighter to agree? So I don't mind a fellow firefighter not agreeing, just don't let a outsider kick me around.

    You all take care and be safe


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