Our local dispatch has recently upgraded their facilities, along with the local upgrade to a high band radio system. With this new dispatch, the local departments are hoping to have available databases with hydrant information, street addresses and maser box locations (along with a variety of other statistics stored in this database).

My question pertains to alarm digitizers. This dispatch center currently has several departments who use two different brands of digitizers to relay their alarm information. We still rely on contacting dispath over the radio after we have read the tape that's printed out at our station (we have been using this system for close to forty+ years). Our alarm system is a 100 mA system. We are currently running the alarm wire up to the new dispatch. Once the wire gets there we need it to tie into a digitizer for the dispatchers use.

Does anyone know much about the various brands of digitizers? What kind of upkeep is needed? How much does this approximately cost each year? Which requires the least service with the most options for the best price?

I realize this is alot to ask on such a small subject, but any help would be appreciated. I will have little say in what is purchased and what system is used, but if I am informed I may be able to inform others or at least contact some companies to aid in infroming those in my department who will make the decision. Stay safe.