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    What do you think of these newest packs out? Positives, Negatives? Regulators don't detach from mask, good bad?

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    I was the head of our new B.A. purchasing committee and we looked very closely at the ISI Vikings. Due to the Sept. '99 NFPA change of two independent low air alarms we suspended the committee because too many of the companies were still fine-tuning their changes at the time. In the meantime, I moved to go back to university and the dept. I joined there had the ISI Vikings. The things about these packs I thought were good/bad during the demos for my old dept. ended up being right on the money under actual firefighting conditions. Here we go:


    The switch on the mask is indeed **super easy to use.
    The masks give a good fit and have an **excellent field of vision.


    During the demos I thought that the switch on the mask was so easy to use that it would be too easy and I was right --- it is too easy to use for its own good! The mask breathes fairly quiet and with not having the obvious hole infront of your mouth (from the normal type regulator not being put in yet), there is the possibility of FORGETTING TO PUSH THE SWITCH ON THE MASK DOWN OR MAYBE THINKING IT IS DOWN OR NOT NOTICING THAT IT ISN'T. It may sound stupid but to be honest with you, a couple of times the switch was not pushed down and a gulp of smokey air was taken in --- which woke the person up about this and made them push the switch down.

    The strap and fastener used to hold the bottle to the frame: although I'm used to it now, it is not as good as it could be. It seems that the strap eventually loosens up by itself after a little while --- we usually have a few paks that need that strap tightened ---it feels like the bottle is moving side to side and it is and this is not something you want to feel.

    The masks definately fog up so if you are used to being able to have your mask donned while staging temporarily etc. without your regulator in (AND YOUR MASK DOESN'T FOG UP VERY OFTEN WITH THE REGULATOR OUT)then you may not like these. I guess it depends on what your used to.
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