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    Lightbulb can anyone help me out?????

    hey everyone,

    ok, I need some imput on how many people out there think that automatic nozzles are dangerous. I am doing an analytical report on them and I need some outside sources. The internet doesn't have anything so I figured that I would turn to you guys for help. Please, Please let me know how you feel about them or if you have any stories, good or bad, that involved them. thanks bros.

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    Automatics in themselves are not dangerous. The TFT auto that i have worked with is a great tool, very versatile. Where problems have developed are with the FF using them, the training and the sales pitch. If you do not supply the proper pressure, you won't get the right flow. The nozzle does its best to make it look good, but the problem is the guy on the pump, not the nozzle. Fog nozzles need somewhere between 50 and 100 psi to work right. Doesn't matter if its auto or not you won't get the flow without the pressure. The other issue I personally have is with inexperienced nozzlemen and sales pitches. I have heard many people doing sales and training and seen them on here talk about how you can gate back without affecting the stream. Most times this pitch is based on nozzleman comfort, NOT fire conditions. The only thing you don't affect is the LOOK of the stream, the flow goes way back. If members are trained to pump them for a high flow and make the initial attack on a straight stream, wide open they will have no problems.

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