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    Exclamation Vindicator Nozzle

    Anyone using the Vindicator nozzle? Comments...good or bad???

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    Default Vindicators? YES!

    I have to state up front that I sell fire equipment. Which includes most brands of nozzles...Elkhart, Akron, TFT, and Vindicator. That being said "Yes" my department uses Vindicator nozzles.

    We have been using them for about four years. We have our crosslays set-up with one Elkhart Chief and one Vindicator Heavy Attack nozzle.

    Our newest engine has a built-in foam tank and we use the Vindicator Light Attack nozzle for that line. On that engine also we have our 2 1/2" pre-connect with a Vindicator Blitz Attack nozzle, and our deck gun has the Master Attack nozzle.

    If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail me as I don't want to have this turn into a sales pitch.


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    We use vindicator nozzles here. They are a very useful tool. While not a replacement for fog nozzles or solid bore, they do flow large amounts of water with little nozzle reaction. They work great with foam too.

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    My full time department doesn't but my part time (same as P.P.) does and they work well.
    As an officer I have no reservations about having the guys pull it.

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    We use the Vindicator Heavy Attack on 1-3/4.

    The first attack line that I used 33 years ago was a 2-1/2 with an 1-1/8 solid bore. Then came the 1-1/2 lines with 95 gpm fog nozzles, then the 3/4"line with high pressure fog, then the 1-1/2 with a 125 gpm Turbo fog,then the 1-3/4 with a 15/16 solid bore,then the 1-3/4 with a Elkhart SM-20 combo, and now the Vindicator. Somewhere in there was an adjustable gallonage piece of junk.

    My favorites are 1. Vindicator 2. 15/16 solid bore 3. SM-20
    4. 1-1/8 solid bore on 2-1/2.

    I like the V nozzle because it produces a very effective stream of large droplets at 250 gpm at 50 NP.

    Kirk needs to lower the price so we can buy more of them. We paid about $800 for the Heavy Attack with a ball shutoff.

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    Our dept has just ordered quite a few (10-20 or so). We have some folks that say they will be very useful & are really for them after checking them out & doing some testing on them.
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