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    Default Apparatus manufacturer

    What are your front line apparatus (first out engines only)? Manufacturers, production year, mileage, down time, dept name and location, and expected additional years of service. Also approx. number of calls for that apparatus per year. Thanks.

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    Station # 1
    1995 Sutphen 1500 gpm Engine - "Soon to be a 2002 Pierce w/ a @#$%^&#^ cot in it" - expected life depends how soon we can get the explosive !! No seriously, lots of troubles with this one, it will be a reserve Engine now.
    1986 (I think) Four Guys (Spartan Chasis) 3000 gal Tanker - Does not get much use anymore probably another 10-15 years. It was just refurbed. year and a half ago.

    Station # 2
    1975 Sutphen 85' Tower - 2-3 years left on this one
    1998 Pierce Dash 1500 gpm Engine - another 10-15 years maybe

    Station # 3
    2000 Pierce 105' Ladder - lottsa life in her.
    1995 GMC Chasis medium duty Rescue - about 40 k on this one probably will be looking to upgrade in 10 years or so.

    Our dept. is just outside of Ann Arbor we cover 28.8 sq. mi. and run around 1900-2200 calls a year mostly (45%) medical related.
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    We have about 8 Sutphens left, 1986-1991 models. By far the BEST trucks we have had in every way. One 1991 currently has 260,000 miles.

    We have 6 1995 Ferrara/Spartan's. Many problems including cracked frames and blown heads...

    We have 9 Freightliner/ Saulsbury FL-80 and FL-106. usual FL probs.

    4 Freightliner/ Luverne FL-80's. SAA

    3 - Sutphen 90+ aerials, 1986, 1992, 1994 - only probs are overheating

    1 - Spartan/ LTI tractor drawn 1984...useless toolbox.

    1 - 1988 Spartan/ LTI 75' rear mount...lots of electrical gremlins.

    2 - 1980 E-one/Pemfab 75' rear mounts...these trucks are just worn out.

    Just ordered 2 new Sutphen 75' midmount quints and fixing to order 2 new Sutphen 90+ foot midmount platforms.

    BTW...the reason we dont have Sutphens any more is because our commissioner doesnt think they are worth the money. We have had GREAT experience with Sutphen.

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    1993 FL70 Freightliner, 500gal onboard with internal foam. 201700KM (+/- a few), purchase date July 2001(used), no serious problems since taking possession, other than standard maint routine. Expected life about 10-15yrs.

    Malahat VFD, Malahat, BC. 25-70 calls per year - mostly MVA/FR with the odd smoke sighting/campfire and chimney fire. Not too many full structure fires.
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    1997 Pierce Quantam
    1500 gal/1500gpm
    rescue/attack engine

    1985 Pierce Dash

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    Station # 1

    1994 HME/Ferrara Engine
    1986 International/Ranger Walking-in Rescue
    1995 Ford Crown Victoria
    1997 Ford 250 Utility Truck

    Station # 2

    2001 HME/Gowans-Knight Rescue/Engine
    1985(Refurb.96) Ford/Middlesex Engine

    Station # 3

    2001 HME/Gowans-Knight Engine
    1997 Internation 3200 Gal. Tanker
    2002 HME/Metz 100' Aerial

    Station # 4

    1987(Refurb. 2002) Sutphen Engine
    1967 ARMY Suplus Jeep Brush truck (New brush to be delivered in 2002)

    Muster House
    1934 Mack Pumper

    Thank you FDNY, you will never be forgotten

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    Primary structural attack piece:

    1980 Pierce/LTI 55' telesquirt, 1000 gpm/400 gals on board. About 35,000 miles, now running approx 150-175 calls/year. I'd guess about 3 days/year elapsed downtime, including routine maintenance. We need to get at least 12 more years out of it before we'll have the budget for replacement.

    Primary aerial:

    2002 Pierce 105' quad, 1500 gpm/400 gals on board. Just under 1,800 miles, and placed in service last night; hadn't run a call yet as of this morning. Expected call volume in the 150/year range. No downtime yet, and needs to last us another 25 years.

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    Cool Apparatus

    We have (3) 2000 Pierce Quantum Pumper-tankers with all-steer. They have 1250 gallon tanks with 40 gallons class A and 40 gallons class B foam with a 1500 gpm pump. They have a 500hp Detroit Diesel engine that puts out over 1400 ft-lbs of torque @ 1200 rpm. They are all exactly identical..from tool layout to radio controls so any member from any station can get anything from any truck We had a few problems in the beginning with the all-steer system (which allow the back tandem axles (super single tires) to turn opposite in relation to the front wheels for awesome manuverability) It flooded really bad in the area and the trucks were taken through some high water which messed up an actuator or something..but the problem has been fixed. No mechanical problems with the trucks themselves..but would advise NOT to buy an AMPS hydraulic generator to go on the trucks. They are very noisey and we've had several problems with them including leaks..and generator problems. Hope that helps...
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    Westville Fire Dept
    Station 7-3
    Westville, New Jersey
    Gloucester County

    1996 E-One Cylcone Engine

    Rob aka Squinty

    The Fighting Seventy-Third

    Westville Fire Department
    Gloucester County
    New Jersey

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    We use two 1994 Peterbilt/Custom Fire rescue pumpers. The body/pump parts offer few problems other than wear and tear. Most offten just relief valves sticking open. The series 60 Detroits were the biggest problems. The aren't designed for stop and go city driving. Alternator and other repeated problems there. Other than that I think they are real ugly rigs.
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    RUNS/YR: 3675
    1500 GPM / 500 GAL. POLY TANK

    - BE SAFE -

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    All our Engines have 1500GPM pumps and 500 Gal tanks w/ topmount panels. E1-4 are Rescue Engine styles w/ topmount electric ladder racks.

    E1-93 Pierce Arrow-70K miles, best truck in the fleet till our newest, approx 1400 runs/yr

    E2-02 Pierce Dash-goes in service tomorrow-has the new TAK4 suspension and rides smooooth. Will do about 2000 runs/yr

    E3 and E4-1999 ALF/Spencers-Both have about 20K miles-Junk!!! Poor worksmanship on the mounting of components. Trucks 'feel cheap'. Have been a nightmare mechanically. E-3 does about 1400 runs, E4 2000. We had been having problems with getting parts from Pierce so we tried someone new. Turned out the problems were with the apparatus mechs we were using, not the manufacturer.

    E5-88 Pierce Arrow-spare, was E2-106K miles

    the engine we traded in was a 86 Pierce Arrow, 110K miles.

    T2-92 Pierce Arrow HD 75' Quint w/ 1500 pump and 300gal tank-30K miles, great truck-about 600 runs/year

    T4-86 Pierce Arrow 110' platform w/ 1500 pump and 200 tank-40K miles-starting to fall apart, but no end in sight. About 350 runs/yr

    The Truck companies also cross man Med Duty Rescue trucks, Marion 16' walk in box, mounted on an 89 Ford and a 92 Internat'l. Both do about 800 runs/yr

    We expect engines to be frontline 10-12 yrs or 100K miles, trucks 20 yrs.

    We are a 75 member career dept in the Detroit area, total about 7000 runs/yr, mostly medicals. Multiple companies respond on car accidents and fire alarms, that's why the company run #s are so high.

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    Talking Apparatus Manufacturer

    Engine 1
    1991 Pierce Lance, 10 man cab
    2000 gpm dual stage pump
    500 gal water tank
    6kw Onan Generator
    First-Due for structures/alarms/car fires

    Engine 4
    1978 American LaFrance Century
    1500 gpm dual stage pump
    500 gal water tank
    500w Dynamote Inverter
    40 gals AFFF
    First-Due for brush fires, standpipe supply

    Tower 5
    1987 Pierce Arrow 105' Tower Ladder
    1500 gpm dual stage pump
    300 gal water tank
    12kw Onan Generator

    Rescue 6
    1995 Pierce Lance Heavy Rescue
    18' Walk-in box w/roll up compartment doors
    20KW PTO Generator
    Will-Burt 15' Telescoping Light Mast
    First-Due for Haz-Mat, CO, Rescue and Extrication calls

    Pierce is the Cadillac of fire apparatus, there is no doubt about it!!! All of our Pierce rigs have been low maintenance, and average about 2 days downtime per year for scheduled preventive maintenance. All PM is done in-house, with the exception of annual fluid changes, ladder testing (UL) and pump testing.

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    My station runs all Pierce
    1996 Rescue/Pumper
    Runs approx 100 calls a year.
    Extrication, first due attack.
    1500 gal tank/1250 gpm pump

    1991 Tanker
    Approx 75 calls/year
    Water supply (duh, its a tanker)
    3000 gal tank, 1250 gpm

    1985 Engine
    Brush fires, LZs, fires in tuff to get to spots
    about 50 calls a year
    1500 gal tank/1250gpm
    Not a thing wrong with this truck, its our last out piece, but many department would kill to have it.

    We have had some minor problems with our newest truck, but nothing major.

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    My department has two matching 1986 E-one's one used for rural response and the other for city. They have around 36,000 mile on them with very little down time ( about 20 hours a year mostly for preventive measures). They will be refurbished in 2006 to E-One spec's, at est. cost of $60,000. We run about 500 calls per year with a split of 70/30 for the city truck. Our dept is the Alliance Volunteer Fire in Alliance, Nebraska.

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    Monrovia Ca


    Station 101
    Engine 101 1993 1,500 GPM 500 Gallon E-One
    Engine 201 1993, 1,500 GPM 500 Gallom E-One
    State of California OES Engine 220 Specs Unknown 1988 Ford
    Squad 101 1997 Ford F-450
    Squad 701 1992 Ford F-450
    Battalion 10 1997 Chevy Suburban

    Station 102
    Engine 102 1993, 1,500 GPM 500 Gallon E-One
    Truck 102 1989 Simon\LTI 75ft Pumper\Ladder
    Squad 102 Mounted on a 3900 Freightliner Cab unknown about the body

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    E-2 2000 Kenworth/Pierce 1000 gal. 1250 gpm pump
    E-4 1997 Freightliner/Pierce 1000 gal. 1250 gpm pump
    E-3 1986 GMC/E-1 1000 gal. 1000 gpm pump
    E-5 1979 Ford 8000/FMC 750 gal. 1000 gpm pump
    T-1 1992 Ford 350 Rescue Extrication tools
    T-2 1986 GMC 4x4 Brush truck 250 gal.

    E-2 and E-4 are city trucks only, E-3, E-5, T-1, and T-2 go countywide. We average about 400 calls a year, because we don't run medical other than extrication. Combination paid and volunteer dept.
    "Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death."

    Gen. Omar Bradley

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    Engine 7 is a 2000 New Lexington on an HME P2 8 man, 10" raised cab.
    1000 gallon tank
    1250 Hale pump with top mount panel
    2 200' pre-connects behind cab and 100' car fire line in front bumper

    Rescue 7 is a 1980/90 Mack CF/Kenco with a 20 ft non-walk in box
    250 gpm pump
    300 gallon water tank
    2 30g foam tanks
    2 Electric Hurst Generators
    20' Wilbert Lite Tower
    Harrison 40kw generator

    Tower 7 is a 1979/91 Mack Baker 75' Aerialscope (former FDNY)

    First out depends on the call.
    Steve Dragon
    FFII, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer I, Fire Appartus Driver Operator Certified
    Volunteers are never "off duty".

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    1 1965 American LaFrance Ford 750gpm
    1 1965 Boardman/Ford 750gpm
    1 1972 Bean/Ford 750gpm
    4 1974 Bean/Ford 750gpm
    1 1978 FMC/Ford Cabover 1000gpm
    3 1978 FMC/Ford 750gpm
    1 1983 Jayco/Ford 1000gpm
    1 1984 FMC/Ford 1000gpm
    1 1987 FMC/Spartan 1500gpm
    7 1989 FMC/Spartan 1500gpm
    5 1993 KME/Intnl 1250gpm
    5 1995 EOne/Intnl 1250gpm
    2 1998 KME/Intnl 1250gpm
    3 2001 KME/Intnl 1500gpm
    1 2001 KME/Intnl 1250gpm

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    Station 1, Engine 1 - 79 Chevy C70/ALF 1000GPM / 800 H2O

    Station 2, Engine 2 - 81 ALF Century 1000 1500GPM / 500 H2O

    75-100 run per year and increasing. Even though they are old, very little trouble. Looking to replace Engine 1 soon. Engine 2 has another 5 years or so.
    Nevada, Missouri

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