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    Ok here is the deal.

    Our county wants us to do something to be invovled with the public in a PR sort of way. Thats no big thing. So I spoke up and said what about a fire truck pull. Have two sets of trophy's. One for Fire Fighters. and then an open class. that joe's garage the boy scouts the church or any one that puts together a team can participate.

    Of course now I am supposed to handle it which ain't to bad, But not to reinvent the wheel. Can anyone give me some pointers help. rules that they go by.

    I'm thinking 5 person teams pulling a 25 ton tanker what? 50 feet.

    Any help or pointers would be apreceated

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    We did events like this for a couple of years and had a blast. 26,000 fire truck 6 people per team. Only we pushed the rig. 300ft in timed runs. Fastest wins.

    We had community groups, other departments in the area. Come out for the event. We tied it in with the annual street dance so we were assured to have a crowd around.

    During the competition we were also getting pledges in the crowd and afterwards pushed for distance with a fresh team (You really only want to push this once). Cash was pledged for every 50ft that we pushed the truck with-in a set time limit. Or if we pushed the beast the whole 600 ft under a pre set(tough)time.

    Another Great PR is Firemans water soccer. Great for those hot days. Crowds love it.


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    Cool Suggestion

    I would like to suggest adding another event to this. We have come up with a "Barrel" run. This would have to barrels, a starting line, a finish line, 2 trucks, and 2 hoses. I think you get the picture but I will explain. Two firefighters line up and "push" a barrel with streams of water from the hoses and the first one that can keep the barrel within the lines and get across the finish line wins. You could also do a squirt gun fight with back pack pumps or VesTanks.
    Lisa J. Meese

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