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    Question Help me convince my department

    I am having a bit of writer's block and I need some ideas...

    I am trying to convince my department to allow us to wear Leather helmets. What I am having trouble coming up with, is a number of reasons why Leather is better than soup bowls and fake wannabe tradional helmets.

    If you were attempting to persuade your Chief or Board of Fire Commissioners, how would you do it?
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    I can tell you from experience in dealing with budgets that if the City is paying for your equipment you will have a hard time pursuading them to go to a more expensive helmet. Try getting them to go to the traditional style helmet and then offer the option of letting the firefighters purchase the Leather for the difference. Set it up as a payroll deduction until paid for or something.

    Trying to convince them to just outright buy them is gonna be hard. They will say......If the one you are wearing is compliant then why do we need to change. One could argue that historically a leather helmet will last much much longer than the others if the wearer takes care of it.

    Good luck
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    My department offers the metro style. We are allowed to wear traditional composites or leather, but we must purchase them ourselves. I think the one guy on our department with a leather lid had to sign a waiver because of the weight.

    Leathers are cool, but keep in mind that not everyone can wear them. For some smaller people like myself, they're too heavy. I don't need trapz the size of my thighs. I still wanna look like a chick!
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    The cost should be the selling point. A leather can last a career or close to it. The salad bowl or tactical tupperware as I like to call it a few years at best. Ask a old timer on your department how many salad bowls he has had to endure in his carreer multiply that by the running cost of the of your standard salad bowl and you will be suprised how much money the department has had to shell out for new plastic lids. Heavier perhaps a little but who cares.


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    I don't know...


    Money, money, money, money..............MONEY - The O'Jays I think!

    Anyway while Motown makes a good point it will come down to cash dollars and the wash basin metro is the choice. Good luck, be inventive, and whatever you do, do it with gusto.

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    Default Some good points guys, could use some more!

    Yes, the OJay's did sing that song and even though I am 30, I remember and still love that song.

    The idea is that we have a few members that have bought helmets and have been unable to place them in service because the Commissioners would not allow them to be worn. We do have the Cairns 1010 Tactical Tupperware wannabe helmets, but I hate it. I have an N5A that is ready to be put into service. I just need the OK! Keep some more ideas coming!!!

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    Wear a five dollar helmet if you have a five dollar head! If the helmet that you want to wear meets or beats the standard and you shelled out the money for it, I would think that the commissioners would jump at the chance at saving their gear for the next guy. It's money in the bank if guys want to buy their own helmets. And it's all about attitude. Alot of cops buy their own sidearms. Firefighters buy their own helmets and take them when they retire. It is time-cherished tradition. You're a firefighter; not a Shriner, are you?
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