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    The young man was a little brother to us all, wasn't he? A police officer said the young man was going to the firehouse, and I am not one to doubt a police officer. He was responding to a call; not a fire, but a transfer assignment IS a call, is it not? He was not aware of the type of call; he didn't care. He was going to the firehouse, if not to ride the apparatus, then to help his brothers get out the door on the call. Unfortunately, nothing can change what has happened. But at least the government could honor Chris' dedication. Not as many young people are willing to do this anymore. They all need appreciation, and this young man deserves LODD recognition for this tragedy.
    Should he get LODD? ABSOULUTELY!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Chris' family, and to his department. May God be with you all in your time of grief.

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    i think that whoever sadi that the young man dont deserve that type of recognition should really think about what they said....he was KILLED going to the firehouse to reponding to a matter how he was riding he bike the factor is he was respondin to a call...yea he was only 14 just about 15...all he wanted was to be something that a lot of people cant...dont you people understand that all us jrs wanna be part of the brother hood and when one falls we all help and do what we have to.some lets all get up and help this sad death of one of our own...and if you want me to get a pettition going please feel free to email me at or if you have AOLIM my screen name is xorndox42302 im on about anytime i have time but email me......lets all get up and help...please he deserves every bit of recognition for his time and dedication to the fire service that we all love to do.........

    thanks all my opinion is mine and no one elses.

    Richie Sobilo

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