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    Red face How ACTIVE are You?

    How ACTIVE are You?

    I am 17 years old, I am a fire cadet in a small town fire department about 80 - 100 miles south of Chicago. I have been with the program since it has started-four years ago-and today there are only two of the original cadets left in the program.
    As of right now, the program we have has three to four active memebers, with about 08-10 members on our roster who have stopped participating after realizing that being a cadet wasn't as interesting as the initially thought it to be. I believe the reason for these members in-activity is due to the lack of interest inflicted by our fire fighters onto our program.
    Right now, all active members, including myself, have the required state mandated training, as well as the advantage of sitting in on regular training session and activities. Believe it or not, the cadets who are active are just as trained (some better) than the actual fire fighters themselves-understand that cadets have more time to dedicate to a fire fighters education. Today, we have had two cadets-one being myself-take and successfully pass an emeregency medical course to become first responders. That certification, right now is not held by myself or the other cadet who dedicated his time-like I did-time, energy, and two months out of his summer to take and pass this class. We recieved all certification information in early October-after finishing the class at the end of August. In late January, early February of 2002, after I had tried to become a responder-with my newly found and highly interesting medical knowledgewith my department. It seemed as though everyone was for it. However, after being turned down at the state level, our certifications were revoked. With the level of training my fellow cadets and I have, we are not used to same capacity as if we were fire fighters, in fact all we do is train.
    My question to you as fellow cadets, and as the adminstrators of a cadet program is: "How active are you in your departments response to emeregency calls?" "How active are you in your department period?" This interests me to see exactly how other programs work, and how others state work? I have noticed that every state is different, and this state may allow this to happen, but the other state does not. I find such rejections to the cadet programs personnel not being actively dutiful in emergency situations taking place mostly and more commonly at the insurance company level...
    How does your department work around this? Please inform me....

    The opinions expressed are the opionions created entirely be me. Nothing stated above is that opionon of my department or it's members......

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    i also live about 100 miles south of chicago. i have been to two of our three fires. one at 1700 and one at 0600. i have been to all but one meeting because of track. the only fire i missed was because i was in school. our dept hasnt done first responder certs. yet but may soon. we are thinking about buying a aed. so i will try and take those classes along with ffI and maybe ffII if i get a chance. where is ur dept at 2young4duty?
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    I assume, by "Revoked by the state", your certifications were turned down because you are under the age of 18.

    The state of Illinois requires you to be 18, and have a high school/GED diploma before certification.

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    The dept i am on is an all volunteer dept. i am one of 2 juniors. i am very active, more active than some sr members. right after i joined when i was 15, between when i joined, november, and july, i had 56 hours of traning. that was more than 6 of our sr members. i do anything i can whenever i can. i do anything that needs to be done.

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