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    My department is getting ready to move into a new station, & we have a fitness room that we need to equip. We'll probably have a few treadmills and maybe an elyptical machine, but we need to find a good universal work station. Any suggestions?

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    Just a suggestion, flat bench with olympic barbells, dumbell rack that is stocked, (the range of weight to be determined by you). As far as a universal machine, something versatile, something you can do a myriad of exercises with. A gym equipment store could probably assist you with this.
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    Default Gym equipment.

    I have recently joined Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade in the U.K. Before this I was a Fitness Instructor. Equipment you need. Swiss Balls for stability and balance training, using weights on an unstable base increases functional strength and recreates lifting at work. Free Weights. Fixed Flat Olympic bench set. Adjustable Bench and mats. Cybex manufacture plate loading dual axis stations which are expensive but v. good. If this info is no good then fair enough, but I would advise you to buy the swiss balls and a manual on their correct use as they are only 10 over here so maybe $12- 15 dollars for you guys. They have unlimited possibilities for use and you can only be limited by your balance (which will improve) and your imagination.

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