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    Question Australian Brothers..

    This question is to my Australian brothers! I am a reserve firefighter/EMT-B and a part time college student in California. There is a program where students can travel to Australia and work there for up to four months. I wish to participate in this program and was wondering if there is any kind of job market for EMT-Bs (BLS) or firefighters? I know Australia has a very strong volunteer presence as well. Any programs where a firefighter/emt is provided free housing in turn for covering/staffing the ambulance/fire engine? Any information, links...would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Hi Benz,
    Generally the EMS service is provided by the Ambulance service and not by firefighters. The Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Service in Melbourne do provide a "first responder" medical support. They are full time paid, but may be worth contacting.
    Another option would be the South Australian Country Fire Service. They are a volunteer service and very progressive in mnay ways. I dont think they do the EMS service but you could form part of the firefighting team and I am sure you EMS skills would be greatly appreciated.

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    and if you move to the more northerly parts of Downunder you will get to know what "Fugidshot" means

    Can't really add more than what Realistic did, other than contact New South Wales Fire Service about their retained firefighter program.
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