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    Question Readi-tower

    Does anybody know anything about READI-TOWER? We going to look at a 55' READI-TOWER TELESQUIRT tomorrow. Was wondering if they are good ladders or any problems with them.

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    The City of Elizabeth,N.J. had a 55'Redi-Tower mounted on a 1980 Pirsch. This apparatus was in service until it was replaced by a 61' Sky Boom in 1999. During the years it was in front line service we did not have any major problems. A few years before it was taken out of service the department had some problems with some of the valves and one of the stabilizers. We found it hard to find replacement parts for that unit. In 1997 while doing research for a new aerial we find that Aerial Innovations had purchased Redi-Tower. At that time they had informed us that they were going to rework the Redi-Tower product. To be honest,I have not hear much about that product since 1997 and do not know what they are doing with it since LTI and AI are now part of American La France.

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