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    Question Pre-Con Valve

    We're looking at two options in a new external valve for the front 5" suction intake on our engine: (1) any of a number of traditional butterfly valves and (2) the Pre-Con Automatic Suction Valve.

    Anyone out there use the Pre-Con automatic valve?? Like it, dislike it, or indifferent?? Any comments??

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Default Precon valve


    I've used the precon valves on the two departments I've been a member of. I don't have the numbers to back up my observation but the precon valve did not allow full rated capacity of the engine we were using. I'm not sure just how much it was reduced but it was noticable.

    On the plus side, I really like being able to draft through a precon valve on the opposite side of the truck and switch from fold-a-tank water to booster tank water without having to run to the other side of the truck. With the precon valve in "free float," you can open your tank to pump valve without the precon being a source of air into your pump. Once water is delivered to the fold-a-tank, you just close the tank to pump valve and begin drafting out of the fold-a-tank.
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    Does anyone have any testing results when using a Pre-Con valve? It would be great to compare.

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