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    Thumbs up A "Thank You" To St. Louis and neighboring St. Louis County Depts.

    First, let me express my condolences on the deaths of two of St. Louis' bravest. I will be praying for comfort and understanding during this time. You are certainly not alone during this time.

    Second, I'm assuming the county depts. are volunteer and as we all know, volunteer and career firefighters don't always get along. But, this is a great model and example to everyone else. I really appreciate the corporation displayed in St. Louis. You represent America's Fire Service well.

    To read, go to this link
    and then link to "County FFs Honored To Fill In"
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    Almost all Fire Depts. in St.Louis County are career, union Depts.
    I believe there is only 1 vol. dept. in the County.

    I don't live there...so, don't quote me.

    However, we are ALL BROTHERS & SISTERS
    When we loose one of our FAMILY members.... we ALL feel a loss.

    God Bless the St. Louis BROTHERS and their FAMLIES.

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    You are correct, gfdtrk4, almost all of the St. Louis County Depts are paid.
    However, as we all know, the media edits things to death before it ever goes out. There were actually depts from three different counties that helped cover the city stations. This was over three different days.

    Some paid, some volunteer.
    While they don't do it anymore, St Louis City FD, used to do task force move ups during the city's Fourth of July Celebration. Since they had to cover the fair going on, as well as the city, they would move 15 to 20 trucks from all over, paid or career, they treated everyone the same.

    They are definately a top notch FD!

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    Most if not all of the st louis county deptments are paid. Also the fire departments that filled all the citys engine houses cam from all over the metro area, some from rural areas too some 60 miles away.

    As a member of the St.Louis Fire department I wish to thank all of those who have sent messages, prayers,thoughts, whatever. It has been a moving week for all of us. I cannot imagine having to do this every week, week after week like our brothers in NY city have had to endure. I cannot express in words the things i saw this week from the processions to the motorcades to the cemetary's. Ordinary people lining along the routes with signs, flags, flowers, it was very moving.

    again thank all of you and god bless , keep safe


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    I would like to also share my condolences to the Brothers / Sisters of the SLFD as well as the Martin / Morrison families for their tremendous loss.

    My Engine Company, Kirwood 1534, had the honor of manning Engine House #1 for 3 days so our Brothers / Sisters of Squad1 / Pumper1 could grieve at the funerals and the public ceremony at Savvis.

    To Marcel and the rest of the SLFD, I have the deepest respect for your department, and I am truely sorry for the loss you have sustained.


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    Default amen...

    I had the honor of marching in the processional on Wednesday morning. I visited with some of the personnel from Maryland Heights, who had a rescue squad laying in at StLFD station 1 during the service. I was very humbled by the amount of mutual aid pouring into the city. Also, if memory serves, arent most if not all of the metro STL area departments (Jefferson, Franklin and StL counties) part of local 2665? Also visited with members of Metro West RS3616 laying at a station on Jefferson...

    Kind and respectful thoughts to the members of StLFD and the eastern Mizzo area...

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