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    i hope that is not the reason you got in to the fire service. if you plan on staying active in f.f. please learn some manners. not all texas f.f. feel the same as you.
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    I'm kinda new, and was just looking around at the different posts. Because someone i am very close too is part of a fire department, i figured i'd look it up. I was totally shocked at fireman61. What made me feel even worse is that my friend not only is a woman, but Works at the same fire department as he does!! I think of all the stuff she does, and the fact that she is a volunteer is amazing to me because i really dont think i could do that. But it doesn't really bother her, she loves it. I am contemplating showing her these messages, because i'm sure that, dude, if she knew who you were she would tear you a new *** hole. But at the same time, she never has anything bad to say about any one of her "brothers." Thats what she calls them, all of them, i'm sure even this guy. I can see it took some serious sack fir him to even put that on here, but as you probably know, bravery does not always equal intelligence, you know? It is the little ones like this that make all the rest of us good guys look like dogs.

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