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    Has anyone got pictures/video's/storie's of incidents involving LPG (Dual-fuel) (Alternative fuel) vehicles ?

    Many Thanks on this


    P.S. This thread was orginally posted on the Firefighting Forum a member suggested someone on this Forum maybe able to assist with the above. Thanks Again

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    Without a doubt, you can't go past the videos, BLEVE and BLEVE UPDATE.
    Absolute eyeopeners and give you a really good understanding of BLEVE's and how they occur.

    Over here, the problem our firefighters are coming up against is the stolen cars fitted with LPG. The crooks are belting screwdrivers and other things into the pressure releif valves to keep them closed. They then set them on fire and call the fire brigades. They arrive in a few minutes and unfortunatley, becasue the releif valves are not working, the BLEVE process is sped up quite considerably.

    The photos below shows an F100 on it's very squashed roof. The tank visible was around 100kg of LPG. On the passenger side was an identical tank! This created issues when the tow company had to right the vehicle. The centre of gravity was very low, so when they had to chain the truck to flip it over, all the chains ran across the tanks and tank valves- not good!

    We ended up lifting and packing the truck on one side to change the balance, and also allow the tow to chain the truck without compromising the gas tanks....
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