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    Post Rescue Tool Input

    American Rescue Tool
    Our department is going to purchase a new rescue tool very soon
    I would like to hear from anyone that uses or has used the American Rescue Technology Eagle Force System - S35 Eagle Force Spreader - C-130 RaptorCutter and Mach III Mini Simo with overdrive. any input would be helpful.

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    LET ME START OUT By saying this is RUMOR, Please see if you can find some contacts in FLORIDA! They maybe able to give you some valuable feed back! Let me just say this. Make sure who ever, AND THIS GOES FOR ANY BRAND!!!!!, sells you the tool can back it up with Service and Support. Anybodies tool can break down and all have at some point or another. Sooooooo!!!!! It does not make any difference if you have the best performing tool in the world if it is down and not replaced for long periods of time. See if you can get a list of those who own the tool and contact them to see how the service and support is, NEXT how much have you and your crew gotten to use the tool, I guarentee the sales staff (if they are ANYGOOD at all)can make their tool "Dance" so to speak but the questions is HOW does your team feel about using the tool! Does it fit there hands??? and last but not least does the sales force offer any training to go with the tool? if they do PLEASE REMEMBER Extrication is NOT about ripping a car apart, it is about REMOVING the Car from the entraped person! think about all that before you make the leap,Good luck and I hope you can get the information you so justly deserve
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