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    Question Mobile Command Post??

    How many of your departments/counties have mobile command units that can be used for larger incidents? What are the SOP's for it's useage? How well does it work and How often??

    Looking for input, pro's and con's!!
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    My service has a mobile Incident Command & Control Unit, which is based at our HQ's and is mobilised to any incident of 6 engines and above. (We only have 23 engines, so 6+ is a biggish/goodish job).

    Basically it is a large demountable box, which is carried to the scene by its own truck, the box, as its called by everyone, can then be out on the ground near the job and the truck used for other things, like tanking, equipment ferrying. Its a big unit and has two separate areas, one for the control, with radios, faxes, mobiles phones and another which is for the whitehats to sit and plan etc.

    This box is big, about 20ft x 8ft and the whole rig is about 27ft long when its sitting on the truck.

    We have had it for a number of years now and it has onlt really been used "in anger" a few times. Basically the problem you have with them is they are only used for big incidents, can't be used for anything else and take a while to set up, usually so long that the incident is almost over by the time you get there and get the aerials up, radios issued and a comms system in place.

    We are using ours less and less as we have founnd you can do almost the same amount of stuff from the cab of one of the engines.

    Hope this is of some use to you.
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    A nearby station has one, it looks like a Winnebago and is usually referred to as the "Barbie Bus" (that's the doll not the cooking appliance ) or sometimes the "Gelati Van".

    It gets called to all major incidents and has every damn radio you could ever wish for in it - it can talk to planes, ships, cops, ems, and probably the Space Shuttle. Also has Sat phones etc. The fax is very useful at Hazmat jobs for receiving info. Basically it operates as a communications hub for the fireground. Also carries heaps of maps etc.

    I don't think that it has had many runs this year due to there being not many major incidents, but it is very useful when you have a big job.

    It can be called by the Officer in Charge whenever he feels that he needs it at a job.

    Hope this helps
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    Our Heavy rescue has a command area inside of it that is used on most incidents (especially in bad weather )
    The county Office of Emergency Management has a verry impressive command center. It has a radio area with radios that can transmit on every frequency that any police, fire, ems or public works department in the county uses. It also has a large confrence area for the IC and other department heads to use. While my town hasn't used it on any actual calls other agencies in the county have been happy with its operation when it came out.
    While we can call it out for anything, our procedure is to consider it for incidents that will take several hours to mitigate.

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    Thumbs up

    Try to get in touch with someone from Phoenix Fire. They use one quite extensively. Also, with the LODD of FF Tarver, they had an in-house investigation, and recommended the purchase of another.
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    My dept.uses a mobile command post on all 2nd alarm or
    higher responses.A 2nd alarm has 28 units responding including chiefs,and support units.It responds to 2nd alarms but is only put to use after the response goes to 3rd alarm.(36 units total).
    A full first alarm assignment is 18 units total.
    Works out well most of the time.

    Stay safe, don 120... montreal fire department

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    Providence is getting one, not sure on the details other than it could be going into service as early as this week.

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    We don't have one but Glendale FD neighboring city has one old model RV Used for major incidents such as a major brush fire

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    Some of the larger Departments in Massachusetts have them. The Department of Fire Services also has a Mobile Command Post housed at the Massachusetts Fire Academy in Stow that can be sent anywhere in the state upon request. It has everything but a toilet... we refer to it as The Mothership...
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    We have a command center built in the back of our rescue truck which makes any working fire in the city. Even though the command center is there on scene at most fires(single family dwellings) the IC does not use it. At any larger fires it is used for sure we have no written sop on when you should climb in the back and use the command center so it is usually up to whoever is commanding the incident. Have noticed it being used a bit more during the summer time to get out of the heat and into the A/C.
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    The Office of Emergency Preparedness has a mobile command post for Lafayette Parish in Louisiana. It is a converted city bus. From front to back ...

    Driver area with controls for emergency lighting, siren, mobile phone, trunk radios, tower mounted camera, tv, vcr, weather station, monitor for rearview camera, nighttime white and red light control.

    Communication area that can talk with all emergency responders for the parish, local government departments, national guard, aircraft freqs, amateur radio, marine, cb, scanners, surrounding agencies, commercial ems (just about DC to daylight). Also two RTU phone lines can be accessed. The trunking system even has a "SIP" that identifies who is keying up and identifies emergency button presses. Onboard generator controls are also in this area.

    Comfort area includes bathroom with sink, refrig, microwave, coffeepot, portable battery chargers.

    The work area includes lots of counterspace, chairs, two computers, color printer/copier, another sink, telephones tied to the RTUs or local landlines if we can wire, another tv and vcr, a remote head for the weatherstation, radio stations, DTN weather.

    The outside has flood lights, a crankup tower with beams and the camera, the roof is full of antennas, 3 A/C units, the dish for DTN weather, emergency lights.

    Of course the thing is full of storage cabinets with maps, charts, docs, tools, medical eqpt, computer equipment and supplies, food and water. Its been around for quite a few years. We are designing the next generation (we learned a lot with this one!). It has to be a long duration fire for the MOC (mobile operations center) to make the call, but since it gets used for SO, PD, parades (remember Mardi Gras here) calls too it sees more that just fire calls.

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