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    Default Air Tankers - What is available to you?

    I was just wondering what type of air tankers you have operating in your area. Here, in British Columbia, the forest industry helps fund a fleet of Martin Mars water bombers. These things are awesome! Every year there is talk about them not receiving enough funding, and at the last moment one of the major logging companies steps in to save the program. What I have always wondered, is during the off season, why doesn't the government outsource these plans and their crews to other locations. I mean, these things are HUGE and pack a pretty good punch, and I am sure some of you would welcome the help.

    Martin Mars Water Bombers:

    - 60,000 lb. payload (7,200 US gallons or 27,276 litres)
    - 200 foot wingspan
    - Sustained operations for up to 6 hours per sortie
    - Sea or fresh water capability

    Their website has listed:

    Single Sortie - one aircraft
    Flying time - 5.9 hours
    Consecutive drops - 37
    US Gallons - 265, 000 (1,000,000 litres)

    They are pretty impressive aircraft, I was just wondering if anyone else has anything like these around?
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    We have some small, contract aircraft available to us here. Nothing the size of those western states' aircraft.

    You can view them at:


    Other firefighting aircraft at:

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