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    Originally posted by bfpd36
    One that I learned from a "crusty old jake", is why we still send a unit in on false alarms. He told me that they use the excuse that it may be the arsonist calling the alarm in as false so the fire gets a better hold.
    How do you know it's false unless you respond?

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    FF41230...concerning your e-mail...after reading my original post it's clear what you were asking about, but that was website that I put up basically just for my presentation, which was over 3 years ago now...it is no long up.

    A good bit of my information for the paper that I did came from articles on The American Fire Service that originally appeared in the print version of Firehouse Magazine, but are now on this site. Read anything you can get your hands on that has been written by Paul Hashagen.
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    Alright thanks. Yeah I got your email but don't think I replied to it. I went to that website. It has alot of good info on it that I will use. Thanks again.
    "I truly believe that tradition is important to the long-term survival of the fire service."-Lt. Andrew Fredricks, FDNY,9-11-01

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoDude View Post
    Um, I think whoever invented fishbowl & race car driver helmets should be shot That's one tradition that got lost somewhere, but seems most of us around here have all the traditional helmets again. Maybe they'll bring back cab-over Fords & gumball lights
    I don't know about the the race car style helmets, but I think the fishbowl helmets are cheaper the manufacture, thus cheaper for a fire department to purchase. It's a money thing.

    For me? Traditional all the way!

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