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    Default Woodbridge suspensions

    WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (AP) - A local fire chief and two junior
    officers have been suspended while officials investigate claims
    about a wild party at their firehouse involving a California rock
    The suspensions came after the Board of Commissioners for Iselin
    Fire District 11 held an emergency meeting Monday night to discuss
    the May 3 party. Officials learned about the event after pictures
    and narratives about it were posted on the band Lit's Web site.
    According to the site, the four-man band met several
    firefighters by chance at a local restaurant and later went with
    them to the firehouse. While there, the firefighters allegedly let
    band members put on gear, squirt fire extinguishers, and ride
    around town in fire vehicles with lights blazing and sirens wailing
    at 2 a.m.
    The site also stated that the band performed an all-request show
    for the firefighters that night and put them on their guest list
    for their concert. The pictures and narratives were temporarily
    removed from the site this week at the firefighters request, a band
    spokesman said Tuesday.
    Chief Steven Mellett, his brother, David, and Kenneth Hilarczyk
    were all suspended indefinitely while the investigation continues,
    board attorney Joseph Greco said in a prepared statement issued
    Lit's publicist, Ken Phillips, said the band had no official
    comment on the matter, but Steven Mellet said the event was being
    blown out of proportion.
    "There wasn't anything done at the fire department that was
    illegal," Mellet said. "There wasn't anything done that there
    should be any major ramifications about."
    No fire department property was damaged during the party, and
    Greco said no other firefighters were expected to face charges in
    connection with the event.
    Township officials would not comment on the matter, saying they
    had not seen copies of the board's report.

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press

    I will wait for further details before posting comments. I just want to believe that this couldn't possibly be all true.
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    What does Woodbridge have, like 8000 cops? Don't you think one of them would have noticed fire trucks running hot at 0200 hours? Woodbridge is not a sleepy little town.

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    I had some pretty hot times at Woodbridge Mall. Is that sill there?

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    yeah the mall is still there and what cops are awake at 0200 you know they are all asleep on a dark side street
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    Woodbridge is a hopping place. I am quite certain that they were not asleep at 0200 on a weekend.

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