Union officials ask for further decontamination of fire trucks

(New York-AP) -- Firefighter union officials in New York City
say some of their fire trucks could pose a health risk.
They're urging the city to have all of the emergency vehicles
that responded to the World Trade Center attack professionally
The fire department has examined dozens of the rigs that were
present when the twin towers fell. Officials say several tested
positive for asbestos and were decontaminated.
But union leaders say most were simply cleaned -- not
professionally decontaminated -- and returned to service.
Department officials say full-scale decontamination isn't needed because an independent consultant tested the trucks and found no health risks.
Union officials say they got concerned when the E-P-A decided to destroy hundreds of private vehicles recovered at the site after
they tested positive for asbestos.

Good God...is this too much to ask? Just do it New York!!!