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    Default NFPA SCBA Standard

    I found this paragraph on a page linked from the Firehouse main page.

    The sales tactic aside, does anyone have confirmation of this change in standard that would require all SCBA to have a "heads-up" display of cylinder level in the facepiece? I will do the research to confirm, but wanted to see if anyone could save me the work.
    New NFPA standard Inspired by ALERTAir©
    That's right. We not only invented the patented Heads Up Display over six years ago, we have successfully outfiitted firefighters and first responders nationwide with this system .....FOR SIX YEARS!
    So when you are looking for a system that complies to the new 2002 NFPA Heads Up Display standard, better go with the guys who invented it, who perfected it and who have had thousands in service since 1996.
    With regards to the sales pitch, no thanks, I'm not going to by my SCBA (probably the most important PPE at/in a fire) just because the manufacturer has been making LED's in a facepiece light up properly for six years. Although I wouldn't want them functioning improperly, I'm a tad bit more concerned with the flow of air........

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    Not sure about the standard, although I have heard that before. I will agree that some pretty lights in my face piece are not my primary concern when it comes to my SCBA. I would feel better knowing I have a SCOTT on my back than anything else with more flashing lights for me to watch.

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    Post NFPA 1981 revision

    Standard on Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for the Fire Service

    I'm not 100% positive, however, I believe it goes into effect August, 2002. The revisions are:

    Requirement for a Heads Up Display (HUD) for air pressure status in the face piece.
    Improved communications of voice transmission through the speaker diaphragm.
    Change to the CO2 level in the face piece to reduce CO2 from exhaled air.
    Requirement for a standardize Quick-connect rescue fitting - this is to provide for air supply to a trapped firefighter from a RIT team air supply.

    If you are a member of the NFPA website, you can access the standard there.
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